Aglet & STEPN: Similarities & Differences


The uptrend and people’s outlook toward a healthy lifestyle have prompted many companies to come up with apps that encourage people to exercise and work out.

Among a handful of fitness apps, Aglet and STEPN are predominantly being used by people around the world to keep a record of their activities and majorly to earn NFT tokens and in-game currency. 

If you are new to both apps or confused about which app to use to earn NFT at the same time while improving your health by running and walking.

Don’t worry. In this article, we will cover the unique features as well as the similarities and differences of both apps (Aglet and STEPN). Let’s dive in. 

Aglet & STEPN: Tabular Similarities & Differences

Similarities    Differences 
Aglet and STEPN both are NFT-based games.   STEPN is newly launched, whereas it’s been roughly two years of Aglet’s launch. 
They are available for Android phones and Apple devices and are free of cost to download.   Rewards on Aglet are earned by covering distances and whereas rewards in STEPN depend on the level.
Both the applications have in-game currencies.  Aglet gives its players Aglet Points or other gifts for walking, running, etc. STEPN pays its players with crypto coins for the same.
Aglet, as well as STEPN, have three sections on the homescreen of their respective apps.  In Aglet, you can link your digital wallet to any blockchain, and in STEPN, you have solely link your wallet to the Solana blockchain 
Sneakers play a key role in both apps.  The map in Aglet is based on a real-life map (Google map), and the map used in STEPN is based on “month.”
They give rewards to their players for movement, that is, the “move to earn” project. It is easier to earn rewards in Aglet, whereas, in STEPN, the supply of rewards is limited. 

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Aglet And STEPN 

Aglet is a software that connects sneaker Lovers who are looking forward to using their sneakers in their real life, Brands who can promote their speakers and shoes, and NFT digital art Creators.

By creating a platform where they can run and walk and earn in-game currency and rewards. It is similar to “Pokemon Go.” You need to visit the location to unlock “Treasure Stashes.” 

STEPN lets its users earn rewards by staying fit and healthy. Although Aglet works on the same concept, however in STEPN, it is not easy to earn rewards. They both may sound very similar to each other, but that’s not the case. 

Aglet Unique Features 

It allows its users to collect digital sneakers by walking and running, which in return lets them earn rewards, and among the rewards, they can get access to digital sneakers. 

You can go for in-game shopping to shop for your favorite virtual sneakers from the “Shop” section on the Aglet App.

Different sneakers have different earning rates. The higher the earning rate, the higher your chances to earn aglet points. All sneakers(models) are classified as tiers. 

As you continue to use your virtual sneakers, they gather a layer of dust and lint. The sneakers are fixed(cleaned) in the Repair Shop, which repairs the shoes up to 40-50 percent, and Deadstock Station, which repairs the shoes up to 100 percent. 

You can also use “Sneaker shine” for repairing your digital shoes from the comfort of your home via directly accessing the Aglet App. 

The repair shops and deadstock stations are located in real-world shops. It can be a theatre, retail shops, and different landmarks.

And you may even be gifted with a real pair of sneakers, which demands how lucky and consistent you are with your efforts while you earn aglet points. 

STEPN Unique Features 

STEPN operates on two tokens, and users need to earn both the tokens to be able to earn rewards. The tokens are GMT and GST. Both the tokens have different purposes. A beginner can earn only a GST token, whereas an advanced-level player (or owner) can earn GMT.

GMT tokens can be earned by the users by running, doing other in-game activities, and, most importantly, investing in some activities. This token allows its individuals to increase their ranking in the game and to modify their sneakers. In other words, this token gives premium content. 

GST is a utility token that means you need to participate in the daily activities of your STEPN app and keep yourself healthy by running. This token is used to repair sneakers and upgrade other items in the app.

STEPN coined the project of “burn mechanism.” This project is used to reduce the supply of GST tokens. In simpler terms, users have to burn GST to repair and level up their sneakers. 

Aglet & STEPN Similarities 

Aglet and STEPN are NFT-based games, and both offer rewards to their users for running, walking, and jogging. They predominantly work on the “move to earn” project. 

Aglet and STEPN are available both on Android and iOS devices and free of cost (to download). 

Both the apps have in-game currency, such as for Aglet, it is regular aglet points and Gold aglet points, and for STEPN, it is GST (Green Satoshi Token) and GMT (Green Metaverse Token). 

STEPN and Aglet both the apps have three sections on their home screen. 

Aglet & STEPN Differences 

Aglet was launched in the year 2020, whereas STEPN was launched roughly after two years of Aglet’s launch, making Aglet older than STEPN. 

STEPN and Aglet may have the same base to play the game. However, it is not easy to earn in STEPN. Aglet provides an easier way to earn rewards for its users, and in STEPN, the supply of rewards is limited. 

Unlike Aglet, which allows its players to integrate their digital wallets to any blockchain platform, STEPN uses the Solana blockchain solely.

Aglet app uses a clone map of Google maps. You get to play the game by accessing and following the real-life map, whereas STEPN’s map is quite different. They have a map for recording your activities “month-wise.” You won’t see locations. 

Lastly, Aglet rewards are mainly earned on the distance and mileage covered, whereas, in STEPN, it’s the level of your game that allows you to earn rewards. 


Aglet and STEPN both may work similarly, yet they are relatively different in their operations. You may download both the apps from the Play Store or Apple’s App Store. If you observe, you will see STEPN has a higher number of downloads when compared to Aglet. 

It is because Aglet is still underrated. Aglet mainly focuses on “sneakerheads” and brands, and STEPN is mainly for the general public who want to stay healthy and be rewarded for their effort. 

If you want to know more about the apps, you can visit their respective official website for STEPN. You can click on the provided link and for Aglet, here’s the link