Poppy Playtime Experiment 1006

who is experiment 1006 in poppy playtime

Poppy playtime is a horror video game that was developed by MOB games, an American Indie developer.

The game is all about an adventurous journey that a user has to go through by becoming an ex-employee of Playtime co.

Who visits a deserted toy factory ten years after the staff disappears. The player needs to overcome all the hurdles and solve the mysteries and puzzles that come in the way.

Who Is Experiment 1006 In Poppy Playtime?

Is is Not Disclosed Yet who Is experiment 1006 In Poppy Playtime . Experiment 1006, also known as the prototype, appears in chapter 1 and chapter 2 as the main antagonist who is supposed to return in the future chapters.

It is a mysterious character created by Playtime co, who kills all the factory workers. The actual information about experiment 1006 is unknown yet. It was thought to be Huggy Wuggy, but it is supposed to be more dangerous and fatal.

The prototype was designed by playtime co in the 1960s as a living toy for children, but it turned out to be a rebel of the company later who murdered the scientists studying it and became extremely violent.

After observing every detail of the prototype through evidence, it is presumed that Elliot Ludwig, the founder of the company playtime co, is the prototype because he is the only one who matches the characteristics. But who is experiment 1006 will be revealed in chapter-3 of the game.

What Are Experiment 1006 Powers?

Experiment 1006 or the prototype is presumed to be very intelligent and very destructive. This is what we get to know through the VHS tapes.

The prototype has been missing from the factory, and it is therefore thought that he killed the scientist while attempting to escape.

If it has killed the factory workers, scientists, etc., then it might have been an extremely powerful and dangerous creature.

Moreover, it is revealed that it has even made lasers to disable cameras for a hindrance-free escape. 

Is Huggy Wuggy Experiment 1006

No, Huggy Wuggy is not the Experiment 1006 or prototype. It was first assumed that Huggy Wuggy might be the prototype, but later it became clear that it wasn’t Huggy Wuggy but rather someone more dangerous and more powerful. 

Huggy Wuggy is also a toy created by the playtime co factory in 1984, aimed at being warm and welcoming by giving everyone hugs.

It was present in chapter 1: A Tight Hug as the main antagonist who kills many scientists and workers.

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The Experiment 1006 VHS Tape

The experiment 1006 VHS tape is also known as black tape. It was first found in chapter 1: A tight hug, known as ‘the final log,’ in which a mysterious man talks about a prototype but ends up being interrupted and murdered by some unknown creature.

He explains how experiment 1006 has been missing from the factory during the murders. Screams and roars of Huggy Wuggy are heard in the background.

It is then again found in chapter 2: Fly in a web, known as ‘Log 08502’, in which the prototype is defined as being dangerous and intelligent.

It also made lasers disable cameras so that they could escape easily without being caught.


Poppy playtime is a survival horror video game that enables a user to experience the journey of finding a murderer who killed the workers and scientists of the playtime co factory.

It has got antagonists that were once the living toys created by the playtime co but have now turned against the company by killing people and spreading violence.

Experiment 1006, or prototype, is also a living toy created by the playtime co. The actual identity of the prototype is unknown to the users yet, but it is revealed to be a very dangerous and intelligent creature.