Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Ending

poppy playtime chapter 2 ending

In the second chapter of Poppy Playtime, which was released on 5 May 2022, Poppy wants to make things go right. She does not want to lose the player and wants them to stay in the factory only.

Poppy needs the player to set things right. Although she is not the only character that was given considerable screen time, there were many other characters also that made the players’ escape from the factory difficult.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 tells us about Poppy’s real intentions in the game and what the protagonist is expected to do for it. From a helping supporter, Poppy turns out to be an absolute evil character.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 answers many questions but also leaves the player in the dilemma and unpredictability of whom the player can trust.

The Poppy Playtime second chapter begins from where the first chapter had left. The player finds himself in the room with the empty case of Poppy.

Initially, Poppy gives a fake impression of being a supporter to the protagonist, who would be helping the player to leave the enterprise safely. 

The player in the role of a former employee of the toy company receives a VHS tape along with a letter asking to help the trapped co-workers in the factory.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 

In Poppy Playtime chapter 2, The main villain now is Mommy Long Legs. The player has to avoid her whilst finding the direction to exit the obsolete workstation. To achieve this goal, the player will be given new items for self-defense.

Horrific toys like the Bunzo Bunny, Mini Huggies, and PJ Pug-a-player will try to stop the player from achieving their goal. 

The mind-numbing puzzles and three times larger size of the second chapter, as compared to the previous chapter, make the game more threatening and difficult. The protagonist will be required to come down deeper into the enterprise.

In the beginning, Mommy’s long legs catches Poppy with her stretchy hands. She asks the player to finish the three challenges of the game station and warns that if they fail to complete them, they will get killed.

The three-game rounds include Musical Memory, Whack a Wuggy and Statues. The initial two games are scary but can be won, but the last one is faked. 

At the end of the third challenge, the player faces a dead end and saves their life from the attack of PJ Pug, a Pillar. The player has to tussle their path toward the observatory. 

The major villain, Mommy Long legs, regards this trick as a betrayal, and thus she gets furious with the performer playing the role of the former employee of the factory, i.e., the player.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Ending Trick

If the protagonist has the GrabPack hand and gets the first two parts of the Train Code, then they may cheat. This is possible because the third part of the train code only requires a hit-and-miss to get to the right one.

If the protagonist succeeds in making the right guess for the third part of the train code, then the train to escape the factory will start moving, thus marking the end of the chapter. 

As this ending will not save Poppy, therefore this trick is generally discouraged unless the protagonist finds themselves in a difficult situation or they fear death due to a jumpscare.

Mommy Long Legs Death Mystery

When the main villain, Mommy Long Legs, chases the protagonist, then the industrial grinder catches her hand, and she begins to get crushed. She shouts out of worry that ‘he’ will make her his part.

Soon after her death, her remains are taken away by a claw, which is known as the Prototype and has needle-like fingers. 

From a secondary source, it is disclosed that the prototype, which is Experiment 1006, killed the experimenters researching it throughout the second chapter. Although it was isolated by the Playtime company, the violent natured prototype escaped from there.

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Ending Explained

The players again meet Poppy after they get the third part of the train code. They find Poppy entangled in a spider web. As soon as the protagonist frees Poppy from the web, they see a sudden change in her behavior. 

After getting free, she instantly asks the player about the Mommy Long Legs. She wants to know if the player has killed her. When the protagonist gets on the train, Poppy disappears.

When the train reaches the halfway point, Poppy comes again to share her experience relating to the time when she was in the glass case. 

She encourages the player to think again about their decision to leave the factory. This altered conduct of Poppy is disturbing and mystifies the player regarding whom to believe.

Citing the protagonist as “Too perfect” to escape the toy factory, Poppy causes the train to crash off the path by shifting its route. In the end, the protagonist observes only an indication of the ‘Playcare’ area.


The ending of the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 was very unexpected. Players thought Poppy to be their biggest supporter throughout the game, but in the end, Poppy shows her true intentions. 

Poppy turns out to be an evil toy who does not wish that the players should exit the factory.

Poppy changes the whole game in the end. She diverts the train the player was boarding and hampers the successful escape of the player from the threatening and monstrous toy factory.

Players believe Poppy to be Elliot Ludwig’s dear one, whom he has lost. Due to this disheartening loss, Ludwig began the Poppy Experiments. It has also been speculated that Elliot researched humans to reincarnate this loved one.

Mommy’s Long legs played an important part in the experiments. But more than that, it’s the player who would be playing the more important part as both Mommy Long legs and Poppy tried their best to keep the player trapped inside the factory.