Poppy Playtime Red Hand & Blue Hand

poppy playtime red hand & blue hand

The trendy horror video game, Poppy Playtime has been winning the hearts of youngsters and kids and is played by thousands and thousands of people around the world, especially in America. 

Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, and Mommy Long Legs the most lovable characters have somewhat met their deaths, you must be wondering if it was just the game, they met their death as planned by the developers.

However, that is not the case. The red and blue hands of the player have played the most important role in the entire video game. If it wasn’t for the hands, some players would have met their end within the first five minutes of the start of the game.

Let’s know more about them and where you can find them to play this spooky interesting game 

Poppy Playtime Red Hand & Blue Hand 

A red hand in Poppy Playtime is present at the right angle(side) of the player and the blue hand in Poppy Playtime is on the left side of the hand player.

The role of both hands is to help the player to unlock rooms and corridors and save themselves from the bloodthirsty massive giant toys. 

You do not have to search much for the (left) blue hand as it is at the entrance of the factory (in the security room).

However, to get a red hand you have to solve a problem. Both hands do not have a specific set of activities that need to be done, both are important for a player. 

What Is Red Hand In Poppy Playtime?

Red hand in Poppy Playtime is the right hand of the protagonist who goes inside the Playtime Co.’s factory and encounters the deaths, blood splashes on the factory walls and the giant bloodthirsty toys. 

You must be familiar with how the red hands are used, although there is no specific set of activities meant for this right hand(red hand), they play a very important tool in unlocking doors and chambers inside the factory.

What Is Blue Hand In Poppy Playtime?

The blue hand in Poppy Playtime is the left hand of the player, it is used to hold stuff or stick to walls and surfaces, the ‘sticking of hands’ ability helps the player to move about the factory.

Initially, the blue hand helps you to get your red gear pack. 

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Where Is The Blue Hand In Poppy Playtime?

The blue hand in the video game Poppy playtime is in the security room of the factory. You do not have to go to any dark hallways or climb a staircase or make a short circuit to get the blue hand. 

After you enter the security room, you will see on the left side of the TV the blue gear pack, just go close to it and stretch and you will be able to get your blue left hand. 

Where Is The Red Hand In Poppy Playtime?

The red hand is in the factory itself, you need to unravel a puzzle to get your red hand, the red hand is on a conveyor belt, to be more specific it is a box hidden somewhere. 

After you solve that puzzle then only you can get the red hand, remember the puzzle needs you to follow the dark hallway, and climb the staircase and then you will get a long panel with colours, you solve that and you will get your red hand(it is not so easy as it sounds). 

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How To Get Red Grab Pack In Poppy Playtime?

Steps to Get Red grab Pack in Poppy Playtime:

Step 1: Choose The Left Door

Once you are inside the Playtime Co. Factory, you will see two doors by your side, one on the left (with a blue hand symbol) and the other one on the right(with the red and the blue hand symbol), you have to choose the left door.

Step 2: Restore The Power Of Factory 

Next, when you choose the left door, the factory has a short circuit, you have to get the power back by making an electrical wire, before that you have to hold it with your blue hand to the high voltage sign. After you make the wire, the power will be back.

Step 3: Look For The Door 05

Once you restore the power you need to come about the hallway, where you will see blocks on both sides and follow the hallway until you see door 05. 

Step 4: Take The Metal Staircase 

Next, you do not have to enter door no. 05, instead you need to take the metal staircase opposite the door present in the dark corridor. 

Step 5: Fill In One Block In The Panel 

After taking up the staircase, you will see four empty panels of each colour(yellow, green, red, blue). 

You have to pick up the blue block(it is on the left side of the panel), pick it up with your blue hand and keep it inside the blue panel. 

Step 6: Get Your Red Gear From The Conveyor Belt 

Next, open the door(from which you have come from the staircase) and enter the fuses in the panel that will turn on the crane. You would be able to see the gear pack(the red one) paced on the lower side of the transporter belt. 

To get the moving belt, you have to fill in all the four panels, once you have filled them the hike(crane) would lower and bring a box from the opposite wall within the same room. The box will be down, you can get your gear pack(red). 

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A player without a red hand and a blue hand is not equipped for the thrilling game. You do not have to take too much effort to get them except for the red hand, you have to solve a puzzle for it.

The above topics must have covered your basic doubts and they have also highlighted a few steps that you can try out to get your red gear pack.

If you cannot understand the game you can click on the help button or click on the pause button on the right side of the screen and watch a tutorial on YouTube.