Poppy Playtime Controversy

poppy playtime controversy

Back in the year 2021, the MOB Game creators decided to include Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, in the game.

They had started advertising the posters of Poppy Playtime as part of NFT collectibles for the in-game, which received negative feedback from the fanbase of the game.

In the month of December of 2021, MOB Games decided to introduce six NFT collectibles, each priced at $14.99,

Which were supposed to assemble like a puzzle to reveal a major plot from the next chapter of the game series.

This aroused the fanbase into thinking and tweeting that the game producers were trying to hide the main plot of the game behind a paywall.

This seemed like a perfect business strategy to earn money from the eager players of the game who were always interested in knowing what was coming next.

Poppy Playtime Controversy

The introduction of the six NFT collectibles in the game was in the form of voice notes and posters, which were supposed to add up to a bigger piece of the puzzle and the seventh NFT collectible.

The seventh piece of the puzzle stated that “Mommy Long Legs is coming,” which was a major plot of the second chapter of the game.

This is what led to the major controversy for MOB Games on Twitter.

Fans targeted the production team of the company, and several allegations were made that the company was trying to monetize the teaser of the game.

This made the CEO of MOB Games, Zach Belanger, issue a public apology to the fanbase of the game, stating that the allegations were false and that they were not trying to commercialize the teaser of the game.

With that, he also stated that the NFT collectibles were supposed to be a fun part of the game, and now that they have signed a contract,

It would be difficult to remove the collectibles from the game completely. He further promised that all the funds collected from the NFT sale would be donated to the Clean Air Task Force,

Which is a volunteer group dedicated to reducing air pollution.

Is Poppy Playtime Plagiarized?

No, Poppy Playtime is not plagiarized, since the second year of its release, has faced major backlashes for bullying, plagiarism, and monetizing the game (referring to the introduction of NFT).

Now the immediate plotline of the game is fairly similar to a game known as Venge, which was created by a developer named Ethan.

He allegedly claims that the idea and plot for Poppy Playtime have been stolen from his game series, and he has also accused the developers of Poppy Playtime of online bullying.

He claims that the idea was directly copied from the version of his game.

The producers of Poppy Playtime have initially chosen not to respond to this controversy, but lately, in May 2022,

Zach Belanger has issued the public comment that the majority of his team is not involved in any controversy with Ethan, and they have worked on their own for cumulating ideas for the game.

It has also come to notice that both parties have not issued any legal notice against each other. Although the game Poppy Playtime is unmistakably similar to Venge, both the parties,

In the meantime, seem to have a truce.

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Is Poppy Playtime For Kids?

 Yes, the online video game Poppy Playtime has been issued with the age restriction of 8+. This means that the game is safe for the kids,

Although there might be quite a few parents who disagree with the fact.

This game features some gruesome characters with equally gruesome backstories, which is what throws the parents off the hook and makes them a little concerned for

Their kid being exposed to such horrifying stuff.

Keeping the spirit of the game intact, the game features characters that are meant for kids with childish names such as Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, Mommy Long Legs, etc.

There is not a lot to be worried about the kids being exposed to this game.

If they are interested and it is not triggering their mental health in any way, shape, or form, they are good to go, and this is certainly a fun game to play along with your friends. 

Is Poppy Playtime Co. Real?

No, the Poppy Playtime Co. in the game is an abandoned factory that was initially created back in 1930. The MOB Games, who are the developer of the game series,

Have tried to incorporate real dates and timelines to make the factory and the characters seem realistic.

Every toy from the Playtime Co. factory has its own backstory, and similarly, the player of the game is a former factory worker

Who is returning to the abandoned factory site after a long time, only to find that the toys are now alive and are out for vengeance. 

The backstory for the Poppy Playtime Co. factory reveals that it was inhabited by scientists and workers who were initially dedicated to creating life-like toys for the kids that would be unforgettable.

But certainly, this did not go as planned, and the toys turned into vengeful monsters out for vengeance for their creator, i.e., the factory workers.

This is why the player is being chased by the toys in the abandoned factory.

Is Poppy Playtime Free?

Yes, Poppy Playtime is free. The video game is now available totally free of cost for anyone above the age of 8. You can now download Poppy Playtime from Steam without spending a buck.

Earlier the game was priced at $4.99, which has now been changed by the producers.

Since the game has garnered immense popularity amongst the kids and even the adults, along with getting involved in a few controversies along the way,

This game is now available completely free to be downloaded on Steam.

What Game Engine Was Poppy Playtime Made On?

The game engine Unreal Engine 4 has been used to create Poppy Playtime. The Unreal Engine 4 uses Blueprints which is a newly added

Feature that can generate rapid game logic without the use of coding. This has proved to remove the barrier between designers, programmers, and tech artists.

This engine is an enhanced form of developer tool which has only made it easier for the programmers to develop slick and new features in the game without much hassle. 

Who Created Poppy Playtime?

The MOB Games studio is the official creator of the Poppy Playtime game series, which has now become an absolute fan favorite. The CEO of the company is Zach Belanger,

Who was also involved in the programming and development of the game.

They have a team of hardworking artists and programmers who are constantly working towards creating a fun experience for the players and the fans of the game.

Although they have been involved in a few controversies in the past, the buzz for Poppy Playtime is not going to die anytime soon.

Is Poppy Playtime Scary?

Yes, this game has quite a few jump scares in the second chapter of the game, which features Mommy Long Legs, who is a scary pink spider with four limbs, as the main antagonist of the chapter.

In the first chapter as well, the developers have tried to incorporate a few gory elements into the game.

This is in reference to the falling of Huggy Wuggy from the railing into the abyss of the Playtime Co. factory, leaving a trail of blood behind,

Which was quite gruesome to fathom. Other than that, the characters have been designed in a way to instill anxiety and fear amongst the player.


MOB Games Studios, who is the creator of Poppy Playtime, have been involved in quite a few controversies and allegations since the end of the year 2021.

The game has allegedly been reported to be plagiarized from the creation of an individual creator Ethan who is the developer of the game Venge.

There is not much follow-up for this controversy since any legal action or statement has not been issued by any of the parties.

It seems that, for the time being, they are on a truce with each other.