Kissy Missy Poppy Playtime

kissy missy poppy playtime

The company Playtime Co. 1985 produced a toy named ‘Kissy Missy.’ The toy appeared in the game Poppy Playtime’s Chapter 1 named ‘A Tight Squeeze’ in the form of posters. 

In the second chapter, ‘Fly in a Web,’ Kissy Missy appears as a secondary supporter of the players. She makes a small appearance in the Cart Corridors.

She appears as a kind and benevolent character who helps the players in escaping the hurdles.

Who Is Kissy Missy From Poppy Playtime?

Kissy Missy is a pink-colored, skinny, tall creature. She has thick fur. Her other characteristic attributes include her yellow hands, yellow feet, and her blue bow. Her eyes have dark black pupils and big eyelashes.

It seems that Kissy Missy has a very flexible and elastic body. Kissy Missy is also an organic experimental toy, like other toys, produced at Playtime Co.

Kissy Missy is very similar to Huggy Wuggy. The name Huggy is created as a play on the term ‘hug,’ and therefore, his commonly assumed role is to hug the children.

In the same way, if we look at the name Kissy, it has been created as a play on the term “Kiss.” Therefore, the role of Kissy Missy can be assumed to be to kiss the children.

Kissy Missy is a stickler for rules and admonishes those who violate the protocols, as per the Digital Collectible Campaign.

Kissy Missy is different from other toys in the Poppy Playtime game. She seems to be compassionate.

She does not kill any player but rather helps them to open the entrance door with the help of a bar on a different side.

Although, this has not been made sure whether compassion is her genuine attitude or this is just a deception.

What Is Kissy Missy’s Backstory?

There is not much information available about the character Kissy Missy. She was created after a year of the creation of Huggy Wuggy, i.e., in 1985.

She was created because of the growing popularity of Huggy Wuggy. The Playtime Co. wanted to grab the chance to further boost Huggy’s popularity, and they did so by creating his feminine counterpart named Kissy Missy.

It is clear that Kissy Missy is a variant of Huggy Wuggy but as the opposite gender. Moreover, Kissy Missy is Huggy Wuggy’s love interest.

Is Kissy Missy Evil?

No, Kissy Missy has not shown any evil intentions yet. In Chapter 2, Kissy Missy appears as a surprising backer to the protagonist. Instead of attacking the players as other toys did, she lends a helping hand to the players.

The other characters that appeared in front of the game players before Kissy Missy, including Mommy Long legs, Huggy Wuggy, etc., only tried to attack and kill the players.

Kissy Missy, on the other hand, assisted the players by opening the gate from the other side. Although she gets unsuccessful in pulling the bar for the first time, on her second try, she succeeds in assisting the player. She also looks calmly at the player.

Unlike Huggy Wuggy, who immediately attacked the player in the first chapter, Kissy Missy showed friendly behavior to the players. She portrayed zero malicious intent.

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Is Kissy Missy A Person?

No, Kissy Missy is not a person. Kissy Missy is a pink furry 17 feet tall toy character in the Poppy Playtime game. She is the female version of Huggy Wuggy.

According to GameToons logic, Kissy Missy tells her tragic origin story to a Playtime Co. worker after trapping him.

She said that she was earlier a solitary girlfriend who was looking for her boyfriend Huggard Wugson and then uncovered that her partner had been transformed into terrible Huggy Wuggy at the plant.

The same evil scientist who was behind this transformation will now transform her into Kissy Missy from Melissa Kissinger.

Kissy Missy Death

In the game Poppy Playtime, Kissy Missy is shown to help the player and remains alive when the player leaves. 

But some sources have shown how Kissy Missy gets aggressive and violent. She opens her mouth and shows her horrible teeth. 

In the end, Kissy Missy is shown to attack the player. As a result, the player throws her inside the shredder, and then after some time, she dies. 

Kissy Missy Real Name

Before the official name Kissie Missy got uncovered on Twitter, the character became popular among the fans with the name “Lovey Dovey.” So, Lovey Dovey is Kissy Missy’s fanon name.

According to GameToons’ short animated movie on Youtube, Kissy Missy was disclosed to be a woman with the name Melissa Kissinger. She visits the toy factory in search of her boyfriend.

Kissy Missy Age

Kissy Missy is a 37 years old living toy organism. She is a female with a height of 5.1 meters or 17 feet. Kissy Missy was created in 1985. So, if we go by this logic, the age of the toy character Kissy Missy would be around thirty-Seven years.

On the other hand, Huggy Wuggy was created a year earlier than Kissy Missy. Therefore, he must be one year older than Kissy Missy.

Who Made Kissy Missy?

In 1985, Playtime Co. made the toy Kissy Missy. She was made after a year of the release of Huggy Wuggy. 

Kissy Missy was produced as the female equivalent of Huggy Wuggy. Soon after its creation, the toy character Huggy Wuggy gained tremendous popularity.

Therefore the creators saw their profit in launching his female counterpart so that the craze for Huggy Wuggy may go on increasing.

Does Kissy Missy Like Huggy Wuggy?

Yes, Kissy Missy loves Huggy Wuggy. Moreover, she is like him also, and he is Kissy Missy’s confirmed love interest. Both share many similar characteristics, and the former was created as a feminine variant for the latter.

Some fans often get confused in deciding whether they are siblings or spouses. Although they appear to be very identical in their body structures, they are each other’s love interests.

Both Huggy and Kissy are tall furry characters in the Poppy Playtime game. The difference lies in their colors. Huggy is blue, while Kissy is a pink-colored toy. 

The rest of the characteristics of Kissy Missy and Huggy Wuggy, including their hands, feet, and appearances, are quite similar. Both of them have flexible and elastic body structures.

According to Kissy Missy’s digital collectible profile, Kissy Missy is not just Huggy’s better half but is much more than that. This confirms that they are each other’s better halves or spouses.

One common thing about the two toys remains undiscovered. It is Huggy’s aggressive nature. There is still a doubt whether Kissy Missy can become violent and fierce like her male equivalent Huggy Wuggy or not.

According to a YouTube video story by GameToons, Kissy is Melissa Kissinger, while Huggy is Huggard Wugson, a former worker at Playtime Co. 

Melissa visits the abandoned factory in search of her boyfriend Huggard after she discovers that her boyfriend is missing. 

But at the factory, she finds that her boyfriend has been transformed into a horrible and aggressive toy Huggy Wuggy. 

And now she will be transformed into Kissy Missy, and the same evil scientists will be making this transformation. But this story cannot be considered an official one until the creators confirm it.

What Is Kissy Missy Experiment Number?

Kissy Missy is supposed to be the outcome of Playtime Co.’s Scientist’s Experiment 1-0-0-7 or 1007. However, this fact still needs confirmation from the creators of Poppy Playtime.


Kissy Missy depicted a friendly and compassionate character in the second chapter of the Poppy Playtime puzzling game. She emerges as a minor character in the game and helps the player in coming out of the closed gate.

Her resemblance with Huggy Wuggy is not just a coincidence. She was destined to become Huggy Wuggy’s love interest as the creators have produced her as Huggy’s feminine variant.

Both the toys look similar in appearance, but the similarity in their natures is still a fact to be disclosed.