How Long Is Poppy Playtime?

how long is poppy playtime

During writing this article, Poppy Playtime game is basically two chapters long, along with the extra clips, which add up to 1 hour approximately. The main plot of the whole game is 46 minutes long, so it is not as long as some people would expect.

If a player tries to complete the game in one sitting, on average, it will take them at least two and a half hours. The second chapter of the game consists of a few more jump scares than the first chapter, which is why it might take longer to finish than the first chapter.

How Long Is Poppy Playtime?

Typically the Poppy Playtime game takes approximately 2.5-3 hours to finish both the chapters (Chapter 1 & Chapter 2) in one sitting for an average player who is familiar with this genre of horror game. They would not be scared and terrified of the jump scares all that much.

Chapter one of the plot introduces an ex-worker character of the Playtime Co. Factory who has returned to the abandoned factory site only to discover that the toys are now out for vengeance.

Since this is just the introductory part of the game, this chapter has fewer jump scares than the second chapter, where we are introduced to Mommy Long Legs character, who is the major antagonist of this chapter.

How Long Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 1?

The first chapter of the Poppy Playtime game is shorter than the second, and an average player can complete Poppy Playtime chapter 1 in about 40-45 minutes. The first chapter basically gives the players a background check on the Playtime Co. Factory.

The player of the game is the ex-worker of the factory, which is returning to the site 10 years later after a very drastic event. This factory is now inhabited by the toys or the monsters that were created in the factory.

In the first chapter, we are introduced to Huggy Wuggy’s character, who is the major villain of chapter one of the game. This is a 6-foot-long toy with blue fur and a creepy smile whose main motive is to destroy everything that he sees. 

In order to save himself, the player is provided a GrabPack with two extendable arms, which he has to assemble in the first couple of tasks in the game. Huggy Wuggy appears in a few of the jump scares and tasks to create hindrances for the player.

Ultimately by the end of chapter one, we find that the player has managed to kill Huggy Wuggy by pushing him off the rails into the dark abyss of the Playtime Co. Factory.

Then the player proceeds further to grab the flagship toy of the factory from a hallway and opens a cage. The screen turns black after this, and so it becomes clear that chapter one is now over.

How Long Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2?

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is around 1.5 to 2 hours. As we have discussed above, chapter 2 from Poppy Playtime is relatively longer than chapter 1 of the game.

This is because there are more jump scares from Mommy Long Legs in this game, who is the major antagonist of the game.

Initially, the player finds her to be a calm character that appears to be cheerful and friendly. However, with the progress in the game, the player will realize that she, in fact, is the major villain and the main obstacle of the second chapter.

This chapter is known as “Fly in a web” there have been several side characters introduced in this game, such as Huggy Buddies, Bunzo Bunny, and PJ-Pug-A-Pillar.

All of these characters are parts of side quests that the player has to complete in order to reach the last puzzle of the game, where we can find Mommy Long Legs.

She appears to be the main boss of all these side characters. The more levels you complete in this chapter, the angrier it makes the mommy slowly turns into this vicious character who is out on a rampage.

Finally, in the last puzzle of Mommy Long Legs, the player has to turn on the switch for a grater that has the mommy stuck in it. When the grater turns on, the mommy gets sucked into the machine, and all that is left are the bits and pieces of her. 

Afterward, a robot comes and collects all the discarded parts of mommy, and the player hears that the last words of the mommy were, “he is going to make me a part of him.”

This is a reference to a bigger toy that is supposedly gathering parts and will be featured in the third part of the Poppy Playtime game.

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Is Poppy Playtime Real?

No, Poppy Playtime is a horror video game that has been built for kids as a target audience above the age of 8. This game portrays the story of an abandoned factory site that is visited by an ex-factory worker after 10 years of the dramatic incident.

Poppy Playtime game seems to be real because the timeline of the story, including the manufacturing dates of the experimented dates of the toy from the factory, has been shared by the team to make the experience seem more real. 

The players can get a full-blown history of the factory and each of the toys that now inhabit the factory. Moreover, the Mommy Long Legs doll, which is the major antagonist in chapter 2 of the game, used to be sold in real life in the form of a stretchy toy.

All of these extra elements and features of the game are what make it seem like a real-life experience; in terms of the game, this is hardly two and a half hours long for the players to complete both chapters.


Chapter 1 of the Poppy Playtime game is almost as long as 45 minutes, while the second chapter is quite a bit longer around 1.5 to 2 hours. Both the chapters have been recorded to be finished within the duration of 2 and half hours at maximum by an average player. Some have even recorded finishing the game within a much lesser duration.