Poppy Playtime Color Code

color code poppy playtime

The entrance of the gates in Poppy Playtime is embedded with a color-coded security system. This system allows the player access to the abandoned factory.

In order to enter the game, you have to press the keys for green, pink, yellow, and red in the same order.

Poppy Playtime is a fun horror video game specially designed for kids. This game simulates mental awareness and tests the gaming skills of the kids.

The game is set in the location of an abandoned factory that is supposedly inhabited by the experimented test cases in the form of monstrous toys. 

As you turn up at the gates of the factory, you have to select the colors green, pink, yellow, and red in the same order to gain access.  

What Is The Color Code For Poppy Playtime?

The correct color code in Poppy Playtime is Green, pink, yellow, and red to input into the keypad to open the security room. As you gain entry into the security room of the game, you will find a blue videotape which you have to insert into your VCR to receive instructions for the game.

As you reach the site of the Playtime Co. factory, you will find that you have access to two different rooms in the factory. One of them is the abandoned toy room, and the other is a security room of the factory.

In order to gain access to the security room, you have to click on the color-coded panel. This panel appears on the train, which is going around at the entrance of the security room. You have to click on the colors green, pink, yellow, and red corresponding to each other in the color panel.

As you gain entry into the security room of the game, you will find a blue videotape which you have to insert into your VCR to receive instructions for the game.

You will learn that you have to reach the GrabPack, which consists of the tools you will require further in the game.

How To Get The Key In Poppy Playtime?

The shape of the yellow key in Poppy Playtime is built like a triangle at the end. When the light goes off in the Playtime Co. Factory in the first chapter, the key mysteriously appears in the hands of Huggy Wuggy, who seems to be holding the key.

The player is then required to seamlessly collect the key from Huggy Wuggy using their GragPack and make it seem like they are giving a high-five to Huggy Wuggy.

Here are the steps to get the key in Poppy Playtime from Huggy Wuggy:

Step 1: Open The First Grabpack Door

In order to open the first GrabPack door, head to the main entrance door in the game.

Step 2: Open The Blue Hand Door

Next up, you will find two other door options, i.e., the Blue hand door and the Blue & Red hand door. These doors will lead you to the other GrabPack door. You have to pick the Blue hand door.

Step 3: Take The Key From Huggy Wuggy

After you have chosen the Blue hand door, you will find that Huggy Wuggy is holding the key for the door. The room has suddenly gone dark, and you find Huggy Wuggy standing on a pedestal with the yellow key to the Blue hand door.

You have to snatch the key from Huggy Wuggy by making it seem like you are giving him a high-five. This should do the trick, and you will be able to retrieve the key from him.

As soon as you retrieve the key, grab the GrabPack from the Blue hand room.

Where Is The Red Cube In Poppy Playtime?

The red cube can be found on a shelf in the game. As we have discussed above, the main entrance of the game, as the player escapes from the Blue hand door and from Huggy Wuggy, he/she enters a door number 5, which can be reached after climbing a few stairs.

After reaching this room, the player can now spot a crane with a few switches, which are colored blue, red, yellow, and green.

The red fuse is located on a shelf that can be reached by catwalking through the crane. 

All of the four switches are located in different parts of the room, which the player requires to collect for assembling the complete GrabPack.

In order to finish assembling their GrabPack, the player requires grabbing all the switches and placing them on a panel. 

This is to make the crane release a glass door from where the player can grab the red hand for the GrabPack and complete the whole set.

The red and the blue hands will now be attached to the GrabPack, and now the player can explore the whole factory.

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Where Is The Green Cube In Poppy Playtime?

The green cube is a part of one of the longest puzzles in Poppy Playtime, which can be found on a shelf. This puzzle is known as the Lighting Cube puzzle.

The Lighting Cube puzzle can give you access to the red hand for your GrabPack, which you will certainly require later.

You will find the green cube on one of the top shelves to your left; you can go behind this shelf to retrieve the cube. Once it’s done, you can go and find the other cubes to assemble the pieces of the puzzle in a panel.

This will help you retrieve the red hand for your GrabPack, which will definitely come in handy later in the game.

Where Is The Blue Battery In Poppy Playtime?

The blue battery or the blue switch in Poppy Playtime can be found on top of a railing in the crane room. The Power Circuits in Poppy Playtime are one of the major components of the game in the first chapter to keep the game going.

You will require these Power Circuits in order to collect all four different colored switches to grab your red hand for the GrabPack.

These Power Circuits appear in the form of cubes that are scattered throughout the crane room and which have to be collected by the player to assemble the switches together. At the top of the power source, you can find a battery with a warning or a hazardous sign.

In order to retrieve the blue battery or the blue cube, you will have to enter through the sliding doors of the game.

Here you will find a railing on top of which you can spot the blue switch, grab the switch and move ahead to find the others.

How To Make A Friend In Poppy Playtime?

After you have collected the red hand for your GrabPack from door number 5, you can move ahead in the game.

Next up, you will encounter a room called “Make a Friend,” where you can create a toy to help you reach the next part of the game. The door on the exit that states “nobody leaves without a toy” requires you to scan your toy before you leave.

Follow the steps mentioned below to pass the “Make a Friend” level in Poppy Playtime:

Step 1: Step Up The Catwalk

In order to set up the catwalk to reach the conveyor belt in Poppy Playtime, you have to look out for the missing section and grab the part from the room using your GrabPack. 

Step 2: Collect The Fuse Boxes

In order to power the “Make a Friend” machine, you have to power the machine with energy sources from two boxes.

The first box can be found at the end of the conveyor belt, and the second can be found in the middle section.

Step 3: Connect The Two Boxes

Now all the player has to do is connect the two fuse boxes between two pillars in the midsection of the machine.

With that, the process is pretty much done. Now the player will find the “Power On” option displayed on the machine.

Step 4: Collect Your Toy Friend

Next up, the player has to activate the three levers on the conveyor belt of the machine. This will dump all the parts of the toy in the machine itself and assemble it into a toy.

Now the player can go ahead and reach out for their toy friend. 

Step 5: Scan Through The Exit

Now that the player has collected the toy from the machine, they are required to place it in front of the scanner on the exit door to escape the room.


The Power Circuit room is one of the biggest puzzles in chapter one of Poppy Playtime factory, which provides one of the main utilities for the player to collect, which will help them complete the rest of the game.

This room consists of four different colored switches, namely red, green, yellow, and blue. These switches are meant to be assembled in the panel in the crane, which will then lead the player to the red hand, which is a crucial part of the GrabPack.

This red hand will, later on, be used in the next stage of the game known as “Make a friend,” where the player has to power the “Make a friend” machine and assemble a toy friend to escape the toy scanner door.