Mommy Long Legs Vs Huggy Wuggy

mommy long legs vs huggy wuggy

Mommy Long Legs was the main antagonist introduced in Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime, who was built like a spider. On the other hand, Huggy Wuggy was the antagonist introduced in Chapter 1 of Poppy Playtime.

These two characters could not be further apart from each other. One of the major differences between these characters is that Mommy Long Legs used to be a human character named Marie Payne.

On the other hand, we have Huggy Wuggy was a failed experiment who tweaked the bad qualities of human conscience, which turned him into a monster.

Mommy Long Legs dies at the end by getting completely ground in a machine. She gets turned into discarded toy parts which are later on collected by a robot, whereas Huggy Wuggy dies by getting thrown off the rails and falling into the abyss of the Playtime Co. Factory.

Mommy Long Legs Vs. Huggy Wuggy

Now let us take a look at the differences between the two characters in a tabular form:

Mommy Long LegsHuggy Wuggy
Mommy Long Legs is the female character in the gameHuggy Wuggy is a male character
Mommy Long Legs is built like a spider with four limbsHuggy Wuggy is built like a humanoid monster 
Mommy Long Legs was voiced over by Elsie LovelockHuggy Wuggy hasn’t got a voiceover artist
Mommy Long Legs used to be a human who was experimented upon in the toy factoryHuggy Wuggy was the experimental test case 1170 in the Playtime Co. Factory who was made to feel the bad instincts of the humans
Mommy Long Legs appears in Chapter 2 of the video game seriesHuggy Wuggy appears in Chapter 1 of the video game series
Mommy Long Legs is popularly known for her jump scares.Huggy Wuggy is known to kill off every character that comes in sight

The character of Mommy Long Legs appears to be sweet at first but she, later on, turns out to be hostile. On the other hand, the character of Huggy Wuggy is quite a silent one who doesn’t like to talk all that much.

By the end of the game in Chapter 2, Mommy Long Legs was collected in a heap of discarded toy parts, and she is speculated to return in Chapter 3. While on the other hand, we have Huggy Wuggy, who was also supposed to return in Chapter 2, but he never did.

Mommy Long Legs

Mommy Long Legs is a spider-looking character from Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime. This character was initially a human entity widely known as Marie Payne, who was yet another victim of an experiment at the Playtime Co. factory.

At the beginning of the game, she appears to be a jolly character who is guiding the player, but as the game unravels, the character gets a maniac and tries to kill off the player by tricking him through her various tactics.

In the matter of appearance, Mommy Long Legs has long, flimsy limbs, and she appears to be pink in color. She has big round eyes that almost seem to be popping out of her head and has the ability to run relatively fast.

Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy, who also goes by the name: Experiment 1170, is a humanoid-looking character that is completely covered in fur. This character was initially built to be a hugging and loving character for the kids, but due to the experiments, it turned hostile.

Huggy Wuggy is introduced in the first chapter of the game Poppy Playtime. He is the main antagonist of the game in Chapter 1, who gets killed off at the end by getting thrown off from the railing and falling into the dark abyss of the factory.

In terms of appearance, this character is tall and lanky with long hands and limbs. It is completely covered in blue fur from top to bottom. This character has the ability to run extremely fast, and it is out for carnage for any character that gets in front of him.

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Both the characters of the main antagonists have major differences, as discussed in this blog, but the similarity between the two characters is that both of them are killed off at the end of the video game with a speculated suspense for returning back in the next chapter.