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mommy long legs poppy playtime

Poppy Playtime is a popular video game developed by the MOB games, which is an American Indie development company. Mommy Long Legs is a character that appears in chapter 2 – Fly in a web of the game series, whose human identity was Marie Payne.

This character is also known as experiment 1222, and she is supposed to be the main villain of the whole game series.

At the beginning of the game, she is introduced from the Game Station Hallway, where she appears to be warm and cheerful. This character resembles a long-legged spider colored pink.

By the end of the game, Mommy Long Leg turns hostile, and you are able to see her character unfold to her full evil potential.

Chapter 2 has three different levels where you’ll have to complete quests in order to stay safe. In the final level, however, you will get to encounter Mommy Long Legs herself in her full force.

Who Is Mommy Long Legs From Poppy Playtime?

Mommy Long Legs is a spider-looking character from Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime. This character was initially a human entity widely known as Marie Payne, who was yet another victim of an experiment at the Playtime Co. factory.


At the beginning of the game, she appears to be a jolly character who is guiding the player, but as the game unravels, the character gets a maniac and tries to kill off the player by tricking him through her various tactics.

In the matter of appearance, Mommy Long Legs has long, flimsy limbs, and she appears to be pink in color. She has big round eyes that almost seem to be popping out of her head and has the ability to run relatively fast.

What Does Mommy Long Say When She Dies?

“What have you done? He’ll make me part of him! You…. Can’t…Do this to me!” are the last words of the character Mommy Long Legs.

This is in reference to the last part of the game, where the player is required to kill off Mommy Long Legs in a debris-lit location.

This location has a grinder where the tentacles or the arms of the Mommy get stuck; this is the part where the player has to turn on the grinder to kill the character.

After this, Mommy shouts the last few words, “he’ll make me part of him,” referring to the fact that her parts will now be collected by a robot to create a final boss. 

There is not much confirmation about this part, and the players have to wait until Chapter 3 of the game to learn more.

How Did Mommy Long Legs Die?

As the player enters the last part of the game, they can finish it off by switching on the grinder button for the Mommy to die from being stuck in the machine. This finishes the game, and the Mommy is turned into discarded robot parts.

She fears being turned into an evil prototype after being crushed by the machine hence the last words: “He’ll make me part of him.” Chapter 3 of the game reveals the further story of the character.

What Happened To Mommy’s Long Legs?

The character of Mommy Long Legs was a human form earlier known as Marie Payne who got experimented upon and turned into a toy. She is also known as the experiment 1222 prototype who resents the characters that turned her.

Mommy Long Legs, while being hostile and a completely deranged character, is empathetic towards other characters that were experimented upon.

This is the back story of the character and how she was turned into a wobbly-legged spider.

Mommy Long Legs Spider

Well, despite closely resembling a spider, this character only has four wobbly hands and legs, and it is pink in color.

It has big green eyes on a face that resembles a human’s. In the game, this character initially appears too sweet until you get to the later phases of the game.

The character of Marie Payne, that was experimented upon in the Playtime Co. Toy factory, is now a hostile character and the antagonist of Chapter 2 of the Poppy Playtime video game.

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Who Is Mommy Long Legs Voice Actor?

The artist who voiceovers for the character of Mommy Long Legs is Elsie Lovelock. She is a highly talented voiceover artist and singer from the UK. She has her own YouTube channel where she creates voice mixes and posts song covers.

She has had years of experience in the field of voice acting, and now she has her own studio set up at her home, where she gets to work with several foreign and local clients.

Mommy Long Legs Band

Mommy Long Legs is a feminist girl band that sports funky jewelry and glitter for clothing. This band is all about breaking the norms of patriarchy through humorous music. They express themselves using bold colors.

The band originated from Seattle, and they are on their way to success by capturing the audience’s attention through the extremely forward lyrics of their songs.

Mommy Long Legs Jump Scare

The jump scare in the video game occurs in the third level of the game when the player and the character play hide-and-seek. As they reach the end of the game, the screen suddenly turns black, and there is nothing to be seen.

This is when the jump scare happens. Mommy Long Legs suddenly appears on the screen in front of the character and delivers a few dialogues before the screen turns black again.

Who Is Mommy Long Legs In Real Life?

Mommy long legs character was in human form known as Marie Payne, who was experimented upon in the Playtime Co. Factory. Mommy Long Legs was quite a hit toy launched back in 1991, which was widely known for its wobbly features.

In the toy factory, she was known as test subject 1222 and was later on turned into the Mommy Long Legs toy, which is now the main villain in Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime. In this game, this character is completely maniac and hostile, which the players learn as they progress in the game.

Is There A Mommy Long Legs Spider?

Yes, The toy that initially inspired this character was advertised to have wobbly limbs which resemble a spider. This character is in the form of a toy with a human-like head. It is essentially a spider with four legs.

This toy in real life was sold back in 1991. Its main attraction was its stretchy legs and hands. Also, much like the video game character, this toy was also pink in color.

How Many Legs Do Mommy Long Legs Have?

The Mommy Long Legs character has four limbs in total. She wears a boot on each limb, and some people like to believe that the character closely resembles a spider.

As you play the game, you will get to learn more about this character in real-time.


The Mommy Long Legs toy character was introduced in Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime as the main antagonist of the game.

This character goes through an experiment in the Playtime Co. The factory where she is turned from a human to a spider-like hostile toy.

This game has several levels, and by the end of the game, all you have to do is defeat Mommy Long Legs by throwing her into the grinding machine.