Poppy Playtime Experiment 1170

who is experiment 1170 in poppy playtime

Poppy Playtime is a video game developed by American Indie creator MOB games. It is a survival horror video game that revolves around the player carrying out an adventurous and scary journey to be able to catch the villain who has murdered the employees and scientists of the Playtime co factory.

The player has to face the mysterious hurdles and puzzles that will ultimately create hindrances in his journey to achieve his goal finally.

Who Is Experiment 1170 In Poppy Playtime?

Experiment 1170 in Poppy Playtime is Huggy Wuggy, who first appears in chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze. It ultimately gets killed at the end of the chapter as it is thrown off the railing and falls into the dark abyss of the factory.

Huggu Wuggy was first presumed to be experiment 1006, but later, it was deduced that experiment 1006 is not Huggy Wuggy but someone else who is unknown to us yet.

Huggy Wuggy was a mascot and a living toy created in 1984 by the Playtime co. It is a furry human-like toy that was used to hug children.

But later, due to some experiments, it turned out to be a violent and blood-thirsty character responsible for killing many people, including scientists and workers of the factory. 

What Is Experiment 1170?

Experiment 1170 was carried out by the scientists of Playtime co in 1984 to design a living toy that was loving and used to hug children.

Experiment 1170 is the very famous character of the Poppy Playtime known as Huggy Wuggy. 

It was a mascot that was successful and brought accoladed to the company. But later, it caused havoc and destruction because it turned into a monster who killed many people because of the experiments that were done on it.  

What Are Experiment 1170 Powers?

Huggy Wuggy, or the experiment 1170, is a very dangerous and murderous antagonist of the game Poppy Playtime. It has got massive evil powers and abilities that make it more treacherous and scarier.

He has got sharp teeth that can easily engulf and destroy an entire human being and has also got another mouth inside his mouth. It is very fast, with a speed of 19 miles per hour.

He is known for his intelligence and sharp mind, enabling him to formulate strategies and deceive the player as he fooled the protagonist in chapter-1 by appearing to be a statue but later stalking him.

Moreover, experiment 1170 is very flexible and adaptable as he easily fits his body inside vents to go for a smooth escape.

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Experiment 1170 is none other than the very famous character Huggy Wuggy that appears in chapter 1 of the game.

It is unknown whether he is alive in chapter 2 or not because he was thrown into the chapter at the end of the chapter, the abyss of the factory.

Huggy Wuggy was initially created by Playtime co in 1984 as a living toy that was used to love and hug children.

But because of some failed experiments, it turned into a monster that killed many people with its destructive powers of running fats, sharp teeth, and an intelligent mind.