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Voice chat rocket league

When the gamers assemble, it is safe to say that the real kick of streaming and playing the games is through the voice chat feature.

Psyonix has recently introduced the voice chat feature across all platforms for the Rocket League game.

This free game can now be played across all platforms with the voice chat feature.

The gamers could not be more thrilled about it, but there are a few out there who are concerned about this feature.

They believe that the voice chat feature can be the root of negativity for the platform.

If you want to know more about the Rocket League Voice chat feature, keep reading this post.

Rocket League Voice Chat Cross-Platform

Rocket League voice chat cross-platform allows team players to speak to each other who are playing on different types of platforms.

This feature is applied by default as you start playing the game.

The audio option in the feature is always toggled unless you head to the settings and turn off the option.

So this is really up to you whether you would like to use the newly introduced feature or not.

What the people should know about this feature is that the voice chat option is only applicable for the “team chat” and the “party chat” members.

However, you cannot listen to the opposite team while playing Rocket League.

This feature is also restricted to limited spaces. 

How To Enable Voice Chat In Rocket League?

Step 1: Launch The Game On Your Device

First, you have to enter the game on your device or gaming console.

Step 2: Head To The Settings Option

Hover your cursor to the Settings option on your screen to enable the voice-chat option.

Step 3: Select The Chat Menu

Head over to the Chat menu in the Settings option.

Step 4: Move To Voice Chat Settings

If you scroll down the menu, you will find the Voice Chat settings option.

Here you can find the Enable Voice Chat feature.

By default, this feature is always turned on.

You can rather toggle the switch if you want to turn off the voice chat feature.

You can also find the following options in the same menu:

  • Preferred voice channel: You can select your default setting whether you want to opt for “party chat” or “team chat.”
  • Text chat notifications: This feature displays the notifications in a text chat format when the players re-join the game.
  • Main menu notifications: This feature displays the names of the players on the screen while they are trying to say something.
  • Match notifications: As it sounds, this feature displays the names of players who are trying to say something during a match.
  • Voice Chat output device: With this feature, you can select the output you would like to use, such as a headphone, speakers, etc.
  • Push to talk: With this feature, you can allow a specific key to launch your input device.
  • Voice Chat input device: This feature helps you to select an input device that you can use to connect with your PC.
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Rocket League Voice Chat Nintendo Switch

If you are going multiplayer in Rocket League on your Nintendo Switch, you will find that the voice chat option has already been toggled on by default.

On other devices or in newer versions, it might ask you to press the Start option for starting a voice chat.

As you select the option, you will find that the voice chat option has been activated, and the other players are able to join in the group chat.

Please note that you need to activate the Nintendo Switch membership to enable the voice chat feature. 

However, you must know that the membership is only available for kids older than 13 years.

If you wish to know which games are supported by Nintendo Switch, you can visit the official website.

Follow the steps mentioned below to use the voice chat feature in your Nintendo Switch:

Step 1: Download The Nintendo Switch App

To begin with, you will have to get the Nintendo Switch Application on the device.

Step 2: Launch The App And Log In To Your Account

After downloading the app, launch the app and then, using your credentials, log in to the Account.

Step 3: Connect The Nintendo Switch Account To Your Console

You will now have to connect the online application with your console by signing up with the same Account.

Step 4: Start The Multiplayer Game Of Rocket League On Your Console

Start the multiplayer mode in your Nintendo Switch, which supports the voice chat feature.

Step 5: Click On Start In The Prompt Message

As you start the game, you will be able to spot the prompt message where you can select the Start option for enabling the voice chat option.

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The other members will now be able to join in the voice chat lobby via the Nintendo Online application.

Rocket League Voice Chat PS4

If you are playing Rocket League online on your PS4, all you have to do is add your friends to the PS4 console and use the integrated voice chat feature to join the chat lobby with your friends while playing online.

It is recommended that you use the Party system in the Playstation Plus console; this only requires a stable internet connection to play the Rocket League game online.

Also, the plus console provides great sound quality, thus enhancing your gaming experience. 

Rocket League Voice Chat PC

No matter if you are using Steam or Epic games, you can enable Rocket League voice chat while playing on PC.

There are two different app recommendations for using the voice chat option for gaming Rocket League on your PC.

You can either opt for Stream or Epic game stores.

Both the applications will definitely enhance your gaming experience.

We suggest that you download the Stream app for your PC.

You can run these apps in your background while playing Rocket League online.

All you have to do is connect your output device to your PC, such as a headphone or a speaker, and you are completely sorted.

Stream is definitely the better choice since the app provides added features to boost your gaming experience. 

Rocket League Voice Chat Xbox

If you are playing Rocket League on an Xbox console, make sure that you create a party room for your friends to chat using the Xbox live feature.

This is similar to Playstation.

You can chat online with your friends using the Xbox online network.

This feature is already enabled in the multiplayer online mode, and you do not have to toggle extra switches to turn on the voice chat option while playing online in your Xbox network on your console.

Rocket League Voice Chat Epic Games

You can now enable voice chat while playing Rocket League on Epic games as well.

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the Party feature, which is also known as the voice chat feature, while playing Rocket League using the Epic Games app:

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Step 1: Launch The App And Choose The Social Menu Icon

Launch the Epic Games app and head over to the social menu icon.

Step 2: Click On Party Up

Next up, you will find the Party Up option in the social menu icon.

Step 3: Select Your Party Members

Now all you have to do is go ahead and select the part members from the list of players that are online. 

This also gives you the following additional options:

  • Whisper: Talk to a member privately
  • Promote: Promote a member to the party leader
  • Kick: Kick out any member from the party chat
  • Block: Block any player or member of your choice
  • Mute: And you can also mute certain players so that you do not have to hear from them in your voice chat

Rocket League Voice Chat Opponents

According to the official online support website for Rocket League, the voice chat feature is only available for members of the same team.

You cannot hear the chat session of the opponent team members as of yet.

This voice chat feature is available cross-platform, which means that this feature can be accessed from each and every app or console that you are using to play Rocket League online.

This feature is already enabled as a default in the Voice Chat settings menu.

You can toggle it off if you do not want to participate in the voice chat lobby.


The Rocket League earlier used to support texting features, but lately, they have introduced the voice chat option for members of the same team.

You can use the Party feature cross-platform to chat with your buddies while playing the game online. 

Please note that this feature is a default option for the players, and they can toggle it off in the Voice Chat settings.

Also, this feature is not applicable for listing the conversations of the opponent teams.

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