STEPN Mystery Box


STEPN is a rapidly growing platform that allows you to earn tokens and cryptocurrency while you walk.

While you are on this platform, there are many things in which you can indulge yourself. One of many new additions to the STEPN platform is the Mystery boxes. 

STEPN Mystery Box

You can get the Mystery boxes in STEPN with the help of Mystery Box drop. However, to ensure that there will be a mystery box drop, you will need certain values.

These values are the calculated values of the mystery box itself. 

The two main terms used in the formula for calculating the mystery box value are the PSL, an abbreviation used for player sneaker luck, and the PSLC, which stands for player sneaker luck coefficient, which is affected by the gems, sockets, and NFT badges. 

The overall quality of the mystery box you will receive depends on two major factors. The factors are:

  • The luck factor of the sneaker
  • Energy consumption in every session

All in all, ten different mystery boxes are available with increasing levels. The mystery box quality increases after every level. The flowchart shows how mystery boxes are upgraded with each level. 

Level 1: Damaged mystery box

Level 2: Refurbished mystery box

Level 3: common mystery box

Level 4: Uncommon mystery box

Level 5: Rare mystery box

Level 6: Epic mystery box

Level 7: Legendary mystery box

Level 8: Enchanted mystery box

Level 9: Master mystery box

Level 10: Satoshi mystery box

When you move up the level ladder, the quality of the mystery box you receive also improves with every step. 

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The mystery boxes you receive from the mystery box drop depend on your current level and the sneaker’s luck.

However, as you increase your level and improve your performance, the overall quality of these boxes also increases. Make sure you collect these mystery boxes and use them as your asset.