How To Get Real Shoes On Aglet? 


There are almost a million people who are using the Aglet app to enjoy their time in their sneakers and walks and earn in-game coins as a reward for the steps covered.

Several people have been asking questions about how they can get real shoes or a specific brand of shoes.

Yes, you can get them, but it is not very simple. 

Below are a few steps that are important to learn about to get a real shoe or a brand-specific shoe. 

How To Get Real Shoes On Aglet?

Step 1: Be Active 

If you are looking forward to a real pair of shoes in Aglet, you have to be active with your activities.

Aglet often gives away their players’ real shoes when they are active, or they are in some competitions within the app.  

You have to follow them on Instagram and their discord server community and show your keen interest in sneakers via the Aglet app. 

Step 2: Earn More Rewards By Walking/Running

You get to earn rewards when you have covered a certain distance and reached a number of steps.

The rewards can be Aglet points or Treasure stashes.

Mostly when a player unlocks a treasure stash, they can find a real shoe deal(this is very rare).  

Step 3: Luck Factor 

The above two steps increase your chances of getting a real pair of shoes from the Aglet app.

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However, the small chance sticks with your luck.

There are thousands of players aiming for a real shoe, and you may be the luckiest player among them to win a real shoe. 

Be consistent in your efforts, stay up to date with the details even while you are walking, unlocking treasure stashes, going to repair shops, and even getting daily notifications from your Aglet app.

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How To Get Nike Shoes In Aglet? 

Step 1: Choose Your Suitable Shoes 

Open your Aglet app and select your desired shoe for your walk/run from the Wear Page.

It is better if you pick the shoe that has a good earning rate.

Step 2: Open The Map 

With the scan button, you can have a map of the real world around you.

You can see the repair shops, deadstock stations, and Treasure stashes and choose a destination.

Step 3: Earn Aglet Points 

Check in the location and start walking.

You never know; you might stumble upon a secret treasure stash that unlocks Nike shoes or enough aglet points for you to buy a Nike Shoe. 

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You cannot ask for a Nike shoe from the Aglet, but you can contact their Discord community server for help on how to win it.

Below is the invite link pasted

How To Get Adidas Shoes In Aglet?

Method 1: You Can Buy Them From The Shop Section Or Earn Them

Step 1: Visit The Shop Section

It is not easy to get a pair of Adidas shoes directly.

You can swipe right from your home screen to the SHOP section in your aglet app.

Step 2: Earn Them Via Rewards 

You can follow the above steps mentioned under the subheading(How to Get Nike shoes) to earn an Adidas shoe. 

Method 2: You Can Trade Your Shoes With Other Players 

This method is still in progress.

As per the latest updated message from Dave from the Aglet app, you will have to wait for a few months to get this feature enabled. 

You can trade and exchange your shoes with other players to get your desired pair of shoes. 


By now, you must know without any effort and action, You cannot get a real shoe in Aglet.

Your progress and interest are what Aglet is looking for in order to give you a real pair of shoes. 

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Often players buy the shoes they like for the rewards and Aglet points that they have earned.

This takes a lot of hard work to earn aglet points and rewards.

This will also let you be gifted with a real pair of shoes by the Aglet authorities. 

Mainly it’s your luck, don’t be frightened by the thought that you don’t have any luck.

It’s always your hard work and consistent nature, be it in a virtual sneaker game.

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