How To Make Money In Aglet App?


Aglet application enables all the sneakerheads to buy the grail-level, limited sneakers using aglets, which is a currency that they earn through walking in the real world. 

It is a game that turns out to be entertaining and fun for sneaker enthusiasts. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to buy real-life sneakers through stashes as well. 

How To Make Money In Aglet App?

Aglet app enables you to buy digital or virtual currency called aglets. You can earn it through the following ways:

1. By Walking Or Running

You can earn aglets by walking or running as it counts the steps that you take in the real world while walking and lets you earn money depending on what kind of sneakers you are wearing and their earn rate.

2. By Referring It To Friends

You can also earn aglets by referring the aglets application to your friends. You can refer to fifty friends and earn a thousand aglets each when they complete their ten thousand steps.

3. By Entering The Referral Code 

If you are new to the game and have been referred by a friend, then you can enter your referral code after signing in and earn aglets through this referral code.

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4. By Finding Treasure Stashes

These treasure stashes are present on your maps, and you can achieve them only by walking more and more. They may contain free aglets.

5. By Earning Gold Aglets

Gold aglets are also a type of virtual currency that can be earned either by purchasing it through real money or can be found in treasure stashes. 

How Aglet App Earns Money

The Aglet app earns money by attracting more and more users to its Application and making users purchase gold aglets.

Aglet was able to make more than $4.5 million in funding and is still attracting many users. Pandemic has also contributed to its getting famous among the masses.

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Aglet have become famous ever since their arrival. It has taken hold of enthusiastic sneakerheads by enabling them to virtually buy their grail-level, favorite, limited sneaker pairs and display them on their shelves.

Moreover, it has now allowed them to purchase real-world sneakers, making it possible to attract more and more sneaker enthusiasts.