What Happens When You Block Someone On Discord?

What happens when you block someone on Discord

Is anyone annoying you on Discord? You can block them anytime to help yourself. Here is everything you should know before blocking someone on Discord.

The people you share a server with are allowed to ping you or send you personal messages. You can anytime see all of the messages they have sent to you.

Discord also provides you to block anyone from your account in case you feel the need to do so.

You can block anyone on Discord either by using the mobile app or the desktop version of the application. 

Blocking someone affects your connection with that person in several ways. In this article, we will tell you what all occurs on blocking someone on Discord.

So, keep reading further if you want to know it all.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Discord?

When you block someone on Discord, they will be removed from your friend’s list.

On Discord, blocking removes the blocked person from your Friends list if you are friends with them on Discord.

Blocking someone hides the concerned person’s messages in case you share a server with that person.

Blocking prevents the blocked person from sending alerts by mentioning your username in shared servers using “@” or by ‘pinging’ you.

What Does Blocking On Discord Do?

Blocking someone on Discord makes your activities or account invisible to the other user. By blocking someone, you can remove them from your friend list and stop them from sending notifications or alerts to you.

Their messages also get hidden from you if you share a server with them.

What Does Blocking Someone On Discord Do?

Blocking someone hides the messages from the blocked sender in your shared server. It also disallows the blocked user from sending you any alerts or notifications.

However, you can access the ” Blocked Messages” button on the Discord mobile application or the “Show message” option on your Desktop version of Discord.

This will let you view any blocked person’s messages on the Discord application.

Can Someone See My Messages If I Block Them On Discord?

Yes, if you have blocked someone on Discord, they can still see or read your messages. In addition, they can also check and find out if you are online or not. 

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Discord?

To know if someone has blocked you on Discord, you can try sending them a message, or you can also use the message reactions to discover it.

If someone has blocked you, then on messaging them, you will receive an error message. This error message will provide you with a list of reasons why your message could not be delivered.

The reasons mentioned in the error message for the undelivered message include the following: the recipient is accepting DMs from friends, or you disabled DMs on your shared server, or you don’t share a server with the recipient, or the recipient blocked you. 

But this way of finding out if someone blocks you is not accurate. The received error message is generalized and doesn’t tell the exact reason behind your undelivered message to that person if anyone has turned off the.

“Anyone can message” option, then also you will receive the same message. 

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How To Use Message Reactions To Find If Someone Has Blocked You On Discord?

All you have to do is to react to that user’s message on the common server.

In case the person has blocked you, your reaction will not appear, and if you are not blocked by that user, then the reaction will appear. You will experience a little vibration on the screen.

Moreover, you will receive the “Reaction Blocked” notification on your phone when you attempt to react to that person’s message who has got you blocked. 

When You Block Someone, Can They Still See Your Messages On Discord?

Yes, when you block someone, they can still see or read all of your messages. Blocked users can also find out if you are online.

Blocking leads to the disappearance of that user’s messages from your screen in your shared server.

Can You Friend Request Someone Who Blocked You Discord?

No, you cannot send friend requests to that Discord user you have previously blocked. If you want to send them a friend request, you first need to unblock them.

Blocking someone on Discord immediately removes the blocked person from your friend list.

Is There A Way To Block Someone On Discord Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can block anyone on Discord without letting them know. We had said this because Discord never notifies any user when they got blocked by someone.

However, they can suspect that you have blocked them if they try to message you, and every time it remains undelivered.

If you both have a server in common, then also the blocked user can try to find out by reacting to any of your messages.

So, you have to be careful if you want to hide this thing, as their reaction won’t show up on your message indicating that you have blocked them.

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Does Unfriending Someone On Discord Delete Messages?

No, unfriending someone on Discord doesn’t delete the previously sent or received messages with them.

You can manually delete only your conversation with them from your side only.

All your messages will remain saved on the other person’s account whom you have unfriended unless they delete them.

Can You Block Someone From DM In Discord?

Yes, you can block someone on Discord from DM chat. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to your DM chat and click @username. This will bring up their profile.
  • Click on the three dot-menu.
  • Choose the Block option from the menu that appears to block that user.

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Discord is a popular messaging application that has a widespread user base.  It allows you to connect to the other application users in a similar way as other chat applications do. 

You can easily interact with your friends with messages or can ping your friends on Discord and vice-versa.

But, sometimes, there comes a need to block a person on Discord if you feel uninterested in seeing their messages or reactions.

Like other messaging apps, Discord also provides an easy and quick way to block anyone.

We have already discussed the results of blocking someone on Discord in the above-mentioned sections. We hope that you find reading this article worthy.