How To Hide Messages On Discord?

Hide Images On Discord

Discord is a community platform that provided users to talk to each other using voice texts, video calls, and texts.

The platform is so beloved among people due to the acceptance of people in sharing their true thoughts with each other.

The security provided over the platform is commendable as most of the rooms are invite-based only.

In this article, we will discuss different methods of hiding the messages on Discord.

Can You Hide Messages On Discord

Yes, you can hide messages on discord. Hiding of the messages can be done using different methods.

You can hide messages on Discord by using spoiler tag, highlighting the text and by using markdown.

However, the use of spoiler tags is the most common option used for hiding messages on Discord.

How To Hide Messages On Discord?

To hide messages on discord, select any of the three different methods discussed in the article.

Method 1: Use The Spoiler Tag

The Spoiler tag method will allow you to hide messages on discord by adding caution to the message by labeling it as a spoiler.

To apply the spoiler tag, start Discord on your phone. Before starting to type your text, you will have to mention “spoiler” to the material.

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In doing so, you’ll be capable of instantaneously concealing your text’s complete content. 

Method 2: Highlight The Text

In the Highlight the text method, you will be able to hide messages on Discord by selecting and highlighting the text you want to hide.

Start the Highlight the text process by selecting the text you are wishing to highlight.

Now highlight the selected text. After selecting the highlighting option, you will see an option list.

In the options list, select the option which shows eyes. This will hide your text from others.

Method 3: Use Markdown

Using the Markdown method, you can hide the messages on Discord by adding two bars on both sides of the text.

These bar-like symbols will let you hide the text that is mentioned between them.

But the catch here is that the viewers can view the text after clicking over it once.

Hide Messages Discord Plugin

Hide messages discord plugin is a plugin to add additional features to discord to allow users to hide messages.

There are many plugins available online that allow you to send hidden messages on discord. To add more functionality to Discord, users enjoy these additional features through an add-on plugin.

You might, for instance, utilize a variety of plugins to send lengthy texts, activate electronics, and display app control.

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These plugins use Unicode signs and words along with indicator symbols to initiate the string. Therefore, it attempts to put the new div well with a secret message after going through every chat conversation.

How To Hide Images On Discord?

Steps To Hide Images On Discord:

Step 1: Open discord on your phone and start a conversation.

Step 2: Click on the + sign that is visible near the typing space. This will allow you to attach the photo.

Step 3: Choose the image you want to send.

Step 4: After the image is uploaded to the message box, long-press the image.

Step 5: It will open the option list. 

Step 6: From the list, select the option of Spoiler. The message will be marked as a spoiler.

Step 7: Now, another pop-up will ask you to verify the image as a spoiler, then select yes.

Step 8: Now, Send the message. This will allow the message to have a Spoiler tag, and the user will be warned.

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Discord has proven to be a safe space among its users, allowing them to maintain their privacy and security.

Discord has introduced the feature of hiding messages which has greatly benefitted in attempting to discuss information with the consent of the other person. 

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The hidden messages are often marked as spoilers. Spoilers allow the user to exercise discretion in opening or not opening the message.

The hidden message feature can be applied to both text and image.

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