Why Is Your Discord PFP Blurry?

Why Is Your Discord PFP Blurry

Is your Discord account showing a blurry profile picture? If yes, then we have a working fix for the issue. So, keep reading this article further.

Discord is a famous platform among gamers. It facilitates communication between users through sharing of files, messages, and voice or video calls.

Recently, many users have reported the annoying issue of blurry PFPs on their Discord accounts.

Let’s see what is the actual reason behind a blurry pfp on discord, in the next section.

Why Is Your Discord PFP Blurry?

Users are finding their Discord profile picture or Pfp blurry because of a system bug in the mobile or desktop app.

If you too have changed your Discord profile picture recently, using its Android or iPhone app, then you could be facing this issue.

To avoid this issue from happening with your account, make sure that you are not uploading your new profile picture using the Discord mobile app.

Using the browser version on your phone or computer can save you from encountering this issue.

Why Does My Discord PFP Keep Pixelating?

Your Discord Pfp may keep pixelating because of the technical glitch which the application is going through.

Discord is facing an inaccurate downscaling & compression issue with the profile pictures that get uploaded with the Discord mobile app. 

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When you upload your profile picture on Discord using the mobile application, then you can likely get a pixelated profile picture.

Why Does Discord Make PFP Blurry?

Discord is making PFP blurry owing to a glitch in its mobile application. Discord recommends a 1:1 aspect ratio or 128×128 pixel size for profile pictures. 

Therefore, your PFP can possess a maximum of Eight MB file size. Uploading a bigger size picture with your mobile device makes the Pfp blurry.

The only fix available yet for fixing the blurry PFP issue on Discord is uploading the Pfp using a web browser.

You can use any web browser of your choice on your phone and get the pfp cleared or unpixelated with a few simple steps.

How To Fix Blurry Discord PFP?

Step 1: Open Discord In The Browser

Firstly you need to go to the link provided below in your preferred browser


After visiting the above link, you need to log in to your account by entering your Email/Phone no., your password, and then by clicking the Login button.

Step 2: Go To Discord Settings

After this, choose the gear icon to go to the Settings on Discord.

Step 3: Choose User Profile

Now, you need to choose the User Profile option from the left side menu bar.

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After this, you need to choose the button saying Change avatar.

Then choose the Photo Library option from the navigation menu that appears.

Step 4: Upload Profile Picture

Now, you need to choose a picture from the library that you wish to upload on Discord. Select the picture and then select Add option.

After this, you will get the choice to edit your chosen picture for setting as pfp. Once done with the edits, you can choose Apply.

Now, you can check that your new Discord profile picture is not blurry, since you changed it in a browser.

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Discord has made it clear with a tweet that the platform was having a system bug.

Owing to the current glitch, several Discord app users reported blurry or pixelated PFPs.

We have provided a fix to the problem along with all the steps with which you can have a clear Discord PFP.

We hope that you find our suggestions helpful.

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