What Does Deleted User On Discord Mean?

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Discord is an amazing platform to play video games in a community and even learn what goes behind making such games.

The use of Discord has seen a significant rise, and with the same many users might choose to take some time away from Discord.

However, there are repercussions when you delete your Discord account.

You will find out more about What deleted users on Discord mean in this article.

What Does Deleted User On Discord Mean?

A deleted user on Discord means that the user has deleted their account on Discord.

The user is no longer available on Discord to continue with its activity.

The action of deleting an account is permanent in nature after a 15 days window.

After that, once an account is deleted, it cannot be retrieved and will lose all its data.

What Happens To Deleted Users On Discord?

The deleted user on Discord will lose their complete data stored on Discord.

Discord provides a 2-week window that allows the user to reverse the action of deletion. 

However, after the lapse of this 15 days window, the deleted user will not be able to retrieve any of his data.

All personal information and data related to the user will be permanently deleted.

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When an account has been deleted, the username of such account changes to “Deleted users ##” in every aspect of Discord.

The deleted user will still have their messages available in the chatrooms and personal messages. 

This activity of saving the messages allows Discord to keep a flow of conversation and activity on the platform even when few of the users have deleted their accounts.

Can A Deleted Discord User Come Back?

Yes, a deleted user can come back to Discord with a window of 15 days. For the first two weeks, the deleted user still has the option of logging into the account.

When the user logs in to its account, a pop-up will ask whether you want to stop this account from the deletion process.

If you select yes, then the process will be stopped, and you can have your account back.

After the lapse of this 15 days window, there will be no option of recovering the account back. It will be deleted permanently from the platform.

Who Is Deleted User 0000?

When an account is deleted on Discord, then their username is changed to Deleted User #0000 (these 0000 can be any random combination of numbers and letters). 

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Do Deleted Discord Users Stay In Servers?

No deleted Discord users do not stay on the servers. Once the deleting action for the account takes place, the user will be deleted from the servers as well.

However, their messages will stay in the server chatroom.

Can You Message A Deleted User On Discord?

No, you cannot message a deleted user on Discord. They will not appear on the search.

However, their messages will remain on the chatrooms servers where they interact.

Does Discord Delete DMs With Deleted Users?

No, Discord does not delete DMs with deleted users. The messages that were sent by the user before deleting the account still appear in the chats of the other user under the name of Deleted user#01929 (the number can be anything).

If the user wants to delete its messages before deleting the account, then they must use the delete message option. This delete message option is available on the left side of your screen.

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Discord is very attractive and may take up a lot of time for its users. While few people prefer disabling their accounts, some just delete them right away.

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However, the users must understand that deleting your Discord account is a permanent action that will delete them completely from the server.

While the data and other information get deleted from the server, the messages sent by the deleted user stay on the server.

The messages remain with the name Deleted User#12321.

To delete the messages, one has to choose the action of deleting the message before they delete their account.

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