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For creating an account on discord, it is necessary to register a valid email address. According to the policies of Discord, they allow only one account for one email.

The users cannot use the same email id for several accounts on Discord.

The users might face trouble while creating an account where the email id blank states that the email is already registered. 

This article contains what Email Is Already Registered On Discord mean and why this occurred and how to fix it.

What Does “Email Is Already Registered” Mean On Discord?

When Discord says your email is already registered, it means that an account already exists which uses this email id for functioning.

According to the terms and conditions of Discord, any user can make only one account using one email id.

Making multiple accounts using a single id is not accepted. So, the existing account with the same email id can be made by either you or anyone else.

Why Does Discord Say Your Email Is Already Registered?

Discord says your email is already registered because either you might be trying to create multiple accounts from the same email id, or you might have mistakenly entered details in the sign-up window rather than the login window.

In these above scenarios, the email is already registered for one account on discord, and this is the reason why discord says your email is already registered. 

What To Do When An Email Is Already Registered On Discord?

When an email is already registered on Discord, you must use another email to create the new account.

And if you think someone has hacked your email and used it to create an account on Discord, then you can follow the steps to recover the password and access the account on Discord.

How To Fix “Email Is Already Registered” On Discord

To fix “email is already registered” on Discord, firstly, you must make sure that you have the password for the registered email id or you should have access to registered email id so that you can reset your password..

Follow these steps to fix “email is already registered” on the discord.

Step 1: Open Discord in incognito mode on your browser.

Step 2: On the home page, select the option to log in, which is located on the top right side of the page.

Step 3: In the columns, fill the email id which is causing the error.

Step 4: Now leave the password column empty and select the option of “forget password” available right below this column.

Step 5: If asked, then fill up the verification pop-up that can be either I am human, or captcha fills up.

Step 6: After verification, instruction will be sent to the email id that you entered.

Step 7: In the new tab, open the mail account of the entered email. Here you will see a reset link will be sent by discord.

Step 8: Open this link and select reset password. Now you will be redirected to the discord webpage.

Step 9: You will see a change the password page. Here, enter the password you wish to set as the new password.

Now you will have access to the already registered account for your use.

Can You Reuse An Email On Discord?

No, you cannot reuse an email on discord that has already been used to create an account.

According to the policies of discord, one email should be used to create only one account.

The option of creating multiple accounts is not yet available on discord.

If a person wants to recreate a discord account that they may have deleted before using the registered email, then it will not be possible. They must use another email id to continue.

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Discord has strict policies regarding the use of one email address for one account on discord.

Many users have tried to open multiple accounts using the same id, but that is always met with the error of “email is already registered.”

To fix the email that is already registered issue, the user must send a recovery link for setting up a new password for their discord account.

This will allow you to access your discord account with the registered email id.