How To Transfer Money From Airtel Wallet To Bank Account?

how to transfer money from airtel wallet to bank account

Airtel Money Wallet works in the same way as currency. All you have to do now is sign up and begin utilizing it. Simply put some cash in the wallet and initiate the process.

It has a two-year validity period and a 9,000 maximum limit, making it ideal for quick payments like recharges, energy bills, and much more. It is also convenient to those who are not on the Airtel network. 

Customers having an Airtel Mobile number connected to their Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account may use SafePay as a safety mechanism.

Also, the payment will only be debited after the client has approved it. Including the existing two-factor authentication procedure, it is the third-factor authentication.

Steps To Transfer Money From Airtel Wallet To Bank Account:

  1. Open the Airtel Money application.
  2. Select the ‘Send‘ option.
  3. Select the Bank option.
  4. Fill in all necessary areas in the Bank, such as the accounts holder’s name, the Bank’s name, the bank details, and the phone number.
  5. Enter the desired amount of money and click on the “Continue” button. 
  6. There will be some convenience charges for transferring the money to the Bank, etc. Also, to continue, click the Proceed button.
  7. Select “Payments Bank” from the drop-down menu.
  8. Now the transaction has been successful, and money will soon reflect in your Bank account.

The main use of the Airtel wallet was to assist the Indian government in its cashless transformation of the country. Since its development, various products and services serve our clients.

The mobile currency, Airtel Wallet, is one such tool that enables our users to recharge, pay bills, buy online, and do much more with just a few clicks.

Moreover, it facilitates, managing of customers’ names, dates of birth, pin codes, cell phone numbers, and any POI are mandatory to create minimum KYC wallets. In addition, our clients may simply do credit/debit transactions using the wallet.


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