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STEPN application is the new fad in the appspace, because it combines two biggest needs and demands ever, exercise and money. Yes, you heard it right!

The app pays you tokens for exercising. Built on the fastest blockchain in the world, Solana, it is becoming increasingly popular and users are coming up with their own strategies to maximise the token earnings.

Overall, the game app allows you to buy virtual running shoes, and then the app tracks your running/jogging/walking sessions and accordingly, you earn tokens.

6 Best STEPN Strategies

Here are some STEPN Strategies to Earn More GST Tokens will help you perform better at the game and potentially earn more coins. 

1. Choose The Right Sneaker 

An advice is to go for the joggers, when you are choosing the sneakers. With the 1 jogger, you will receive 2 points of energy as well as high efficacy and resilience.

Note that the price of the jogger is anywhere between 8 to 13 SOL (value according to the market value of the token). 

2. Balance Resilience And Efficiency 

If the sneakers are more efficient, the more GST tokens you can earn. Also, the higher the resilience, the lesser you will have to spend on repairing them.

Normal fact, just like how the common world works. So, with the right balance of Resilience and Efficiency, you can use the sneakers for longer, while spending less and earning more from it. 

3. Level Up Regularly 

It is crucial to level up the sneakers daily, regardless of how much you have spent on buying them. Depending on which level you level up, your tokens spent and waiting time will vary.

For instance, if you level up to level 10, then you will have to spend 10 GST tokens and the level-up will be completed in 10 hours. Note that you can still use your sneakers for all activities while they are being levelled up. 

Until you reach level 30, upgrade daily. 

4. Withdraw Wisely 

Do not be in a hurry to withdraw the money. For the first fortnight or a month, you need to use the tokens only for levelling up, so that you earn more for the same effort.

For example, instead of commonly earning around 10 GST tokens for jogging, you can earn 70-80 tokens after levelling up in 25-30. 

5. Spend Energy 

To fade 1 energy point, it takes 5 minutes of effort. Suppose you have the common sneakers, you will have 2 energy to begin with, which will be converted to the tokens after 10 minutes. 

6. Keep Wise Track Of Mystery Boxes 

Everytime you get a mystery box, you will also get a gem that can upgrade your token. But note that every mystery box has its own timer after which it will open.

If you want it to be opened earlier, you have to spend your GST tokens. Therefore, it is recommended to track which mystery boxes open when, open only when they are off the timer and schedule your sneaker upgrades accordingly, so that you spend even less on them.


There is one powerful tool which is also called earning calculator which help in STEPN Strategy and many more in STEPN.


STEPN Earning Calculator

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If you are a regular user of the app, you will be able to easily recover all your investment within a month. Get started today and earn from your fitness!