How To Fix “Account Warning” On TikTok

account warning tiktok

TikTok is a social media app where users can share short videos of themselves. Recently, some users have been receiving an “Account Warning” message on their profile.

The full error message includes Account Warning – Your account is at high risk of being restricted based on your violation history. The next violation could result in being blocked from some features. Review our commented guidelines.

This warning says that the user’s account is in danger of being deleted/ suspended if they don’t follow specific instructions.

In this article, we will explain what the Account Warning message means and how to fix it. Stay safe on TikTok!

What Does “Account Warning” Mean On TikTok?

Account Warning on TikTok means that your TikTok account is at hight risk of being restricted or deletion. If one more violation occurred then you may not get access to some features of TikTok.

If multiple violation occurred repeatedly then your account may be permanent disabled/ banned. So, make sure you don’t upload videos on TikTok if they are already uploaded because you can get reported by that person.

Also don’t upload videos on TikTok which violated TikTok communities guidelines.

Why Does TikTok Show “Account Warning” On Your Account?

TikTok show “Account Warning” on your account because you have violated TikTok communities guidelines.

account warning tiktok

It is the possible reason that you have re uploaded the TikTok video of someone else. and that creator reported your video.

account warning tiktok details

So, your account can be in danger. because reuploading of other creator video violates the TikTok communities guideline. So make sure you should not re upload other creator video.

Another reason may be your some video having violence, sexuality, gun or any other thing which violates TikTok community guidelines.

Also, there can be bug from TikTok side. If you think its a bug then contact TikTok support team. they will review your appeal. If they also feel its because of some bug then “Account Warning” will be removed immediately.

TikTok will remove any content – including video, audio, livestream, images, comments, links, or other text – that violates our Community Guidelines.

You should be aware of TikTok community Guidelines.

How To Fix “Account Warning” On TikTok?

To Fix “Account Warning” on TikTok, you don’t need to do anything. Just wait few months and don’t violates another TikTok community guidelines.

If you don’t violates any other community guidelines. “Account Warning” error automatically will be removed.

If its taking longer than expected then contact TikTik team.

Fix 1: Wait For Few Months

If you got “Account Warning” then you can’t do much for fixing this. You should wait for few months and this warning will removed automatically.

During this period you should make sure you didn’t violates any other community guideline.

If you know that you didn’t violates any TikTok community guideline then no need to wait for few month , directly contact with TikTok team by filling an feedback form.

Fix 2: Contact TikTok Support Team

After waiting few month “Account Warning” didn’t remove from your account then you can contact TikTok team by filling a feedback form.

TikTok feedback form

During filling the feedback form, make sure you should enter email address associated with your TikTok account.

Also, in Topic select “Report a Bug/ Feature Request” from drop down. and fill other fields.

After submitting the feedback form, wait for few days to review your form by TikTok team. They will review your appeal and if they feel its some bug or taking time longer than expected (it should be removed till now). So, they will remove this “Account Warning” from your account.

You will get final confirmation on your email address.

If they unable to remove “Account Warning” then they will provide the reason in the email itself.

How Long Does TikTok Take To Remove “Account Warning”?

It will take few months to remove “Account Warning” from your account by TikTok. But in this period make sure you should not violates any other community guideline.

Some video creator on reddit mentioned that from their account “Account Warning” removed in two months.


So, this article you learned that why “Account Warning” occurred and how to fix it. So, if you want to keep your account safe from restrictions and permanent banned make sure you should follow TikTok community guidelines.

Don’t re upload the other creator videos and don’t upload videos which contains hate speech, violation, cyberbullying etc.

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