How To Transfer Solana(SOL) To STEPN?

STEPN level up cost

STEPN is move2earn NFT game on mobile on Solana blockchain that reduce carbon emissions. STEPN is Game-Fi project where you can earn handsome amount of money by walking, jogging and running.

In this game, players can burn token to level up their Sneakers, make more sneakers, pay for repair cost etc. In STEPN, more you will run, walk , more you will earn.

For buying the Sneaker, you need SOL . So, this article you will know end to end guide how to transfer SOL from Binance to STEPN or you can fund STEPN wallet so you can buy STEPN Sneakers and play the game.

How To Transfer Solana(SOL) To STEPN?

To transfer the Solana to STEPN Wallet, first you have to copy Wallet address from STEPN. After that Go to you Binance account and go to SOL then click on Withdraw button and copy your wallet address here and your SOL will be transferred to STEPN Wallet.

Step 1: Open The STEPN App

We assuming that you already created the account in STEPN mobile App. If not then can do by getting the activation code and follow this guide how to play STEPN.

So, now you have created the account and you are on the homepage of STEPN app.

Step 2: Click On Top Right Corner Wallet Icon

After opening the STEPN app, now click on the wallet icon which is located in top right corner of the app.

Step 3: Click On Wallet

After click on wallet icon, you will proceed to next page where you will see 2 tabs in top, Spending and wallet. By default you will able to see spending account which will show your SOL, GMT and GST.

Till now if didn’t play any game or just created the account then SOL, GST and GMT will be be zero.

Now click on wallet. If you already having account then you can import wallet using seed phrase otherwise click on “Create a new wallet” which will proceed to next page where you can create your passcode which help you to login into account securely and after that seed phrase.

Note: Store your seed phrase securely. Done share this seed phrase with anyone. otherwise they login into your wallet and can withdraw your fund.

So, make sure you always keep your seed phrase ate some secure location.

Step 4: Click On Receive

After creating your wallet, you will see homage of your wallet where you can see number of SOL in your wallet and others GST, GMT and USDC.

Now to click on Receive button which is left side of Transfer button for receiving the SOL in your wallet.

Step 5: Copy Your Wallet Address

After clicking on Receive button , you will proceed to next page where your can see bar code and wallet address using which you can SOL from other wallet or exchange.

Now copy your Wallet address by clicking on Wallet Address button. or you can scan the QR code to receive the payment in your wallet.

Step 6: Login Into Your Binance Account

After copying the wallet address, login into your Binance account from where you will send SOL.

Before sending SOL , make sure you have sufficient SOL into your Binance Account. Now, Click on SOL. If you don’t have SOL , then first add/ buy SOL in Binance.

Step 7: Click On Withdraw

After clicking on SOL crypto, you can see everything about SOL which includes number of SOL and transaction history of SOL.

Now click on Withdraw button which is located in bottom left side of deposit. After click on withdraw button, you will het next screen , click on “Send via Crypto Network“.

Step 8: Send SOL To STEPN Wallet

After clicking on “Send via Crypto Network“, you will proceed to next screen where you enter details like Wallet address which you copied form STEPN wallet, Network: “SOLANA“, amount: Number of SOL you want to transfer.

After entering all the details, click on “Withdraw” button. After that a confirmation popup will come.

Just confirm order after clicking on “Withdraw” button. After few minutes your transaction will complete.

After few minute you can refresh your STEPN app, you will see your SOL.

How Much Time It Will Take To Transfer SOL To STEPN?

To Transfer SOL to STEPN can take 5 minutes to 1 hours depends on congestion on network. Most of the time it will take only 5 minutes. Sometimes it will take more than 5 minutes.


Now, you have learned how you can transfer SOL from Binance to STEPN only in few minutes. Just Copy your wallet address from STEPN and got Binance, click on SOL crypto >> click on withdraw >> copy the wallet address >> conform the order. Your SOL be added into your STEPN Wallet.