Standing Instruction SBI FAQs

Standing instruction SBI

Do you forget to repay your EMI loans every month? Here is an option called standing instruction which the state bank of India provides if you are not much aware of it. 

Don’t worry! This article will be a comprehensive guide on How to set standing instructions in SBI bank? How can you check or monitor your SBI standing instructions online, and how can you cancel or remove your standing instructions? 

But, before jumping deeper into it, let’s know what exactly the standing instructions are? And what is their frequency?

What Is Standing Instruction In SBI?

The standing instruction in SBI facilitates its customers to schedule the desired amount for transfer. You can do NEFT/RTGS or group transactions. By using this facility, you make a schedule for third-party fund transfer, and whenever the instruction is executed successfully, the amount is deducted from your account and transferred to the beneficiary’s account. The whole process is commonly termed as standing instructions in SBI.

The standing instruction is usually applicable on both types of accounts, whether you have a current account or savings. You can create many standing instructions at various frequencies. Like, you can create multiple instructions for one month to six months and from five days to thirty days.

How To Set Standing Instructions In SBI Bank?

You can set the standing instruction in the state bank by using internet banking. If you are not using net banking, register your account in net banking and add the beneficiary’s account details to whom you wanted to schedule payment. Then, follow the step-by-step process to set standing instructions.

Step 1. Visit the login page of state bank net banking and log in by entering user id and password followed by captcha solving.

Step 2. Once you get a login, please select the option of payments/transfer.

Step 3. If the beneficiary account is your own and the account is open in the state bank of India. Then, select the option of ‘fund transfer own SBI AC’.

Step 4. If you want to send someone’s other account in SBI, please select ‘Account of others-within SBI.

Step 5. If the beneficiary account is in any different bank, select ‘Other bank transfer.’

Step 6. Select the beneficiary’s account number.

Step 7. Enter the amount you want to transfer in every instalment.

Step 8. Now, click on the drop-down menu and select the purpose of the transactions.

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Step 9. You will have three options on your screen. You have to choose the ‘standing instruction’ option. A new form will appear.

Step 10. Mention the frequency of payment and schedule it.

Step 11. After filling in the details, submit it.

Step 12. Now, a pop-up will appear to make sure whether the sufficient balance is available or not. Click ok to confirm.

Step 13. Now, the instructions related to standing instructions will appear on the screen. You need to read it carefully and confirm it. You can cancel if you think something needs to change.

Step 14. Again a pop-up will appear; click Ok to confirm 

Step 15. It will send an OTP to a registered mobile number, and you need to enter OTP and confirm it.

Congratulations! You have set the standing instructions in the state bank of India.

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How Can I Check My SBI Standing Instructions Online?

You can easily check your state bank standing instructions online by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Visit the login page of SBI net banking.

Step 2. Login by entering your credentials like user id and password and followed by solving the captcha.

Step 3. Select the request and Enquiry option here.

Step 4. Then, you need to select the “standing instruction.”

Step 5. Here you can see the history of standing instructions by clicking on the History option.

Step 6. You can also customize your history by entering a date range and clicking on submit button. 

History will be displayed on the screen. In this way, you can check your standing instruction records.

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How To Check The Last Three Or Five Standing Instructions In SBI?

If you want to check the last three SI, you will need to follow the following steps.

Step 1. Firstly, you need to go state bank net banking login page

Step 2. Please enter your id and password, then solve the captcha and login into it.

Step 3. Click on the Request & Enquiries option.

Step 4. Select the ‘standing instructions’

Step 5. Choose the type of transactions and click the Submit button.

Step 6. A form will be displayed on the screen where you have to click the option of “View Five Standing Instructions Transactions “

How Can I Remove Standing Instructions From SBI Net Banking?

Suppose you want to remove or cancel your standing instruction from the state bank of India. You can follow the instructions mentioned below.

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Step 1. Go to the state bank’s official net banking page.

Step 2. Enter your credentials and solve the captcha to log in.

Step 3. Select the option of Request & Enquiries once your account opens.

Step 4. You have to select the option of standing instruction.

Step 5. You can click to the ‘View/Cancel’ button

Step 6. Select transaction type and select ‘Go.’

Now, you have successfully cancelled or removed your standing instruction from SBI net banking.

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How To Fill SBI Standing Instruction Form?

You can fill the form of SBI standing instruction by following the mentioned steps. 

Step 1. First, you need to visit the branch where your account is opened and ask for the standing instruction form from the bank representative. It is like an application, and you need to fill in the blanks with correct details.

Step 2. At the top of the form, write the branch name on the upper left side in the given column. 

Step 3. Then write the date on the right-hand side in the given blank space.

Step 4. Mention your account number in the first line.

Step 5. Fill your first instalment amount in the Tier 1 section.

Step 6. Then, fill the amount of the second instalment in the Tier 2 section.

Step 7. Fill the SB/CA number and choose the scheduled date between 1 to 28 of every month.

Step 8. Mention the period between 6 to 120 and at the end, write the name.

Steps 9. Finally, you have to sign at the bottom of the form with your full name (as mentioned in the bank account) and mobile number.

Step 10. Deposit it to the bank.

You can look at this form for a reference SBI standing instruction form.

The form is applicable for all types of transactions done by using credit, debit, wallet or PPL (Prepaid Payment Instruments). Remember that the transaction through standard instruction is limited to five thousand only.

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How To Set The Mode Of Operation In SBI?

You can set the mode of operation in the state bank of India by following these steps as mentioned below.

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Step 1. Visit the login page of SBI net banking.

Step 2. Get login by entering the credentials and Validating the captcha.

Step 3. Select ‘Request & Enquiries’ followed by ‘standing instructions.’

Step 4. Choose the type of transaction and click the submit button.

Step 5. Now, fill the form displayed on the screen by entering the amount, reason or purpose, beneficiary account, and frequency.

Step 6. Click on the submit button to perform the operation.

What Is The Standing Instruction Amount?

Earlier, the transaction could be done only upto two thousand rupees through standing instruction. However, from January 1st 2021, the amount has been increased upto five thousand for standing instruction. The transaction is applicable for the wallet, credit, debit or prepaid payment instruments.

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Does SBI Charge For Standing Instruction?

The state bank charges a fee of fifty rupees for one-time only when you use this service.

In case of failed SI (standing instruction) in the loan, the bank charges 250 INR plus GST from your account.

In case of standing instruction NPS Contribution, the Bank charges 0.25% of the total contributed amount, which may range from Rs.20 to Rs.25,000 as a minimum to maximum.

What Is Standing Instruction On Debit Cards?

Standing instruction on SBI debit cards facilitates the cardholders to pay utility bills like telephone, electricity, mobile, or insurance premium on time.

You can schedule your payment by using the standard instruction facility on debit cards. And whenever the payment is made automatically, you will get an SMS alert on your smartphone. It will have all information about bill payment, debited amount and the transaction information.

To Sum Up

The standing instruction in SBI is a great facility to schedule your fund transfer or payments if you usually forget to deposit loans EMI or any other third party payment. You can schedule it by using your net banking facility at your fingertips and making all the payments upto 5000 INR limitation.


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