Best Shaggy Perks In MultiVersus

Shaggy Multiversus

In MultiVersus, each character has an unique set of perks to choose from, including signature perks that effectively change the way certain attacks work.

By choosing and training in the right perks, you may enhance your characters’ performance or make them better overall in MultiVersus.

Knowing the best perks in MultiVersus and utilizing them is the competitive edge.

Selecting a single set for all characters is not the greatest option since each character in MultiVersus has unique advantages.

Norville Rogers, better known as Shaggy, is a character from the Scooby-Doo! On the official MultiVersus website, he is referred to as a powerhouse of unknown origin. 

Shaggy’s passive state enables him to enter rage. His special strikes hit harder and cover more area when he is enraged.

So, in this article, we will discuss the best perks for Shaggy in MultiVersus.

Best Shaggy Perks In MultiVersus

Best Shaggy perks in MultiVersus are Lumpy Space Punch, Kryptonian Skin and Snowball Effect.

Below are the best perks with details for Shaggy in MultiVersus:

  • Perk 1: Lumpy Space Punch –> Your team deals 5% increased damage with melee attacks in the air.
  • Perk 2: Kryptonian Skin –> Your team receives 4% reduced incoming damage
  • Perk 3: Snowball Effect –> Your team deals 7% increased damage against the fighter with the highest damage

Unlockable Shaggy Perks In MultiVersus

TierPerk Name
Tier 1Default: Default
Tier 2Lumpy Space Punch
Tier 3Toasts: x5
Tier 4Kryptonian Skin
Tier 5Gold: x100
Tier 6Equip Ally Perks
Tier 7Last Stand
Tier 8One Last Zoinks
Tier 9Perk Training
Tier 10Hangry Man
Tier 11Snowball Effect
Tier 12Retaliation-Ready
Tier 13Speed Force Assist
Tier 14Shaggy Profile Icon
Tier 15Badge: Shaggy Wins

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