How To Save Ryan In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

Ryan is one of the counselors in the game. He is one of the brooding and quiet types. He does not like going out much and in the beginning, you will find him being teased as Mr. H’s favorite counselor. however, there is no doubt he is one of the capable characters and has achieved a lot in the game.

You are going to play a lot of time playing Ryan’s character and if you are the one who plays the game with subtitles, you can find them in blue. He is one of the crucial characters in the last chapters of the game.

Other than his scene with Laura and Nick, you need to make many crucial decisions regarding Ryan. One of these decisions includes when he was stabbed.

You will have the option to either leave the knife in his pocket or remove it. If you wish for him to survive, you must leave the knife in his body or he will bleed. 

After this, you will have to take an important decision when Luara proposes to become a werewolf. If you choose to accept this offer, you will get the Phlebotomy trophy and if in the game, Ryan is the one standing alone in the end, you will get the last man standing achievement.

Other than this, if Ryan managed to survive the night when Hackett died, his infection will be cured and he will join others in the ending scene.

Can You Save Ryan In The Quarry?

Yes, you can save Ryan in The Quarry. Ryan is among the counselors in the game and the beginning a lot of people may feel he is kind of aloof but later on, you will develop that he is one of the crucial characters in the game.

However, you must know like all other The Quarry characters, it completely depends upon your actions and decisions in the game. You can choose to save Ryan in Chapter 9.

How To Save Ryan In The Quarry?

The Gun Safety

Out of all the counselors in the game, Ryan is considered to be one of the most responsible characters. Therefore, all the security regarding the weapons is given to him. In the game, he will get many instances where he will be triggered to fire guns without knowing what he is aiming at.

Therefore, it is suggested to shoot only when you are sure that something is bad like werewolves or hunters. Shooting in the bushes or the dark will only lead to killing more of your friends rather than enemies.

In The Hackett House

Now, in the game, Ryan, along with Laura, will reach the Hackett house where they will be trapped by Hacketts. Here, you will have to take all the decisions to keep Ryan alive.

Initially, Bobby will stab Ryan. When he will stab him, you need to ensure to keep the knife in his body and escape.

Hide in the wardrobe and hold your breath while hiding from Bobby and when you will find a chance, go to the other room.

After all this, Ryan will again be caught by Bobby. He will then take back his knife and threaten Ryan that he will kill him. Then Laura enters the room and scares off Bobby.

Here, Laura will propose to bite Ryan as she is a werewolf and this will infect him. This is the only way you can save Ryan so, you will have to accept this proposal.

Last Encounter

Later on in the game, Ryan and Laura will encounter Chris in the form of a werewolf. Here, Ryan will have to use a Shotgun now.

Ryan will have to choose to shoot Chris if he wants everyone to survive. When you will kill Chris, all the characters will come back to their original human characters. 

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