How To Save Emma In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

Emma is a playable character in The Quarry, which requires you to make decisions in order to progress through the game. Kaitlyn is a significant character who is the main character. She is part of the counselor’s team working at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp.

Emma is a gifted actor who practically transports her fans to just about every location she visits. She demonstrates her witty side by teasing colleagues about their secret infatuation with fellow counselors.

While she lets her mind at ease, she reveals that her façade is merely an act for her, even though that’s what others want to see. 

She is sensitive and does not appreciate it when others get angry around her. She is calm, and that can be assessed when she encounters difficult and stressful moments during the game.

Can You Save Emma In The Quarry?

Yes, Emma Can be saved in The Quarry. You may anticipate a number of situations in which you will be faced with difficult decisions while fighting werewolves and succeeding in the quick-time events.

She will be faced with dangers, and the majority of risks to her life can be when she is trying to get free from a situation or when she is in dual with a monster.

The greatest deal that will result in saving Emma from a fatal incident is when you save her from getting infected. In this situation, she will have a very close encounter with a werewolf who might infect her.

How To Save Emma In The Quarry?

Below is the list of certain actions that you should keep in mind so that the survival of Emma is ensured till the night ends and the game concludes.

Chapter 4

Emma will have to fight for herself after she arrives on the shore and reaches the log cabin. The very first obstacle is to inspect the baggage rather than uncover the trapdoor. While inspecting the bags, she will be discovering a tool such as a bear spray or a taser. Keep them as they will turn fruitful later on when she tries to open the trap door.

To avoid any attempts by the beast to injure Emma, make very sure you make every quick time event perfect. Further, ensure that you choose the correct button when she is on the zipline.

Emma must avoid becoming infected by the wolf in order to be saved. When the characters are running for their lives to avoid getting attacked by the monster, they must force the cabinet and complete the fast time event to ascend the ladder without being bitten.

There is a high chance of being attacked by the werewolves if Emma is not occupied with fireworks. To make sure you get this chapter right, you will have to collect the fireworks when Emma sees them in Chapter 2. These fireworks will help her in scarring the wolves away when she is attacked. 

Chapter 8

The situation in this chapter occurs as a result of events in Chapter 4. If Emma was attacked and bitten by the wolf in chapter 4, then she will definitely die in this chapter. She will take the avatar of a werewolf and will be shot dead by one of her colleagues during the game.

Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, Emma has a chance to die if Jacob becomes sick and gets to meet with her. By not allowing Jacob to become poisoned in Chapter Six, you may prevent this. Further, you have to win the quick-time event of Chapter 6, which will prevent Jacob from getting his neck attacked.

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