How To Save Kaitlyn In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

Kaitlyn Ka is a playable character in The Quarry, which requires you to make decisions in order to progress through the game. Kaitlyn is a significant character who is one of the nine main characters. She is one of nine counselors working at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp.

Kaitlyn has been regarded as witty, bold, and smart. She is a vivacious young lady that values living life to the fullest and can interact with everyone.

Kaitlyn is now a counselor at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp and frequently assumes the position of captain among many of her friends. 

She is vivacious; however, when it comes to sharing her feelings, she takes a step back, especially during tough times.

She will not really be in situations when she’s in immediate danger. However, t There will be instances when she is in trouble, such as when Bobby follows her throughout the resort.

She will indeed be completely safe as you are largely successful in skill assessments.

Can You Save Kaitlyn In The Quarry?

Yes, Kaitlyn can be saved in the Quarry. You may anticipate a number of situations in which you will be faced with difficult decisions that will either save or kill Jacob. Dylan, Abigail, and Emma’s actions will typically have an impact on Kaitlyn’s life.

Due to her smartness and wittiness, there will be only a few circumstances wherein you will make choices that will decide her future course in the game.

The Quarry is set up in such a manner that one option leads to a slew of potential outcomes, all of which will be revealed as you go.

This is the exciting section of the game that keeps the player engaged and engaged throughout.

How To Save Kaitlyn In The Quarry?

To save Kaitlyn in the Quarry, there are certain chapters wherein the player is required to make the correct decision. Below are the chapters and the decisions.

Chapter 1

In this chapter, you will have to gain control of Abi. Breaking into the cottages or leaving your belongings around would be your first choice.

Remove the lock to make sure Kaitlyn or Abigail survive to see another day. You’ll also discover a plush animal inside namely a rabbit; preserve this as well because it will be useful later.

Chapter 9

During the final chapters, you can spot Kaitlyn moving towards the scrapyard along with Dylan. When you start moving the forklift, a creature will attack both Kaitlyn and Dylan and try to consume them.

There will be a choice that time select and quickly alert Kaitlyn of the imminent onslaught. Make absolutely sure to blast the siren as well, since this action will keep both Dylan and Kaitlyn alerted and safe. Lastly, you have to succeed in the quick-time events.

Chapter 10

This is the finale of the game. Finally, you’ll find the Quarry. The creature will assault the cabin, and you must choose between obtaining silver ammo from Emma and Abigail or sheltering in the pantry. 

The first choice requires you to aim straight and defeat the enemy, while the second requires you to utilize the soft toy as a decoy to entice the monster into the fridge.

If you follow both the situation correctly, it will be sure that Kaitlyn will survive the night and will be present for the conclusion of the story.

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