How To Save Abigail In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

The Quarry provides the player with a new twist on an interactive drama video game of the horror genre. The Quarry is a Supermassive Games release by 2K Games that will bring you drama filled with horror that will challenge your decision-making skills.

The game is designed in a way that allows the player to enjoy the game in the form of a third-person narration wherein you will have to take control of nine teenagers by taking decisions for them. These nine teenagers will spend the night at Hackett’s Quarry wherein the player will make various decisions to ensure their survival. 

The player is tasked with making decisions for the character which moves forward the timeline of the game. The decisions taken in the game for each character defines 

The decision taken by the player will decide the fate and character development of these nine teenagers. Usually, there are more than 10 ways to die for each character and the players will receive collectibles that will describe the future of these characters. 

Who Is Abigail In The Quarry?

Abigail Bkyg is one of the main characters of the Game. She is a fun and playful character in The Quarry comprising of one of the nine major characters of the game. At Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, she is one of nine counsellors.

Abigail is regarded as shy and awkward but nice and honest, and she appears to be looking for a romance as she still got some minutes on her hand this summer.

Her uncomfortable personality may be perceived as strange or introverted by others who are more gregarious than she, while others may find it attractive.

Abigail will have playable segments in approximately five chapters which leas to her death oin three chapters if the desicions are not taken wisely. If she is not saved from the werewolves then she might face a very gruesome death.

Can You Save Abigail In The Quarry?

Yes, you can save Abigail in The Quarry. The main characters that will determine the fate of Abigails life will be Nick and Emma.

She has a crush on Nick therefore you need to maintain a good relationship with Nick who will become an important character for protecting Abigail.

Joining in Quick Time Events and achieving a positive result will serve to keep Abigail unharmed. When you’re in the forest with Nick and a werewolf arrives to attack Abigail, you’ll get your first QTE. To get a favourable outcome, find your way with them as fast as feasible.

How To Save Abigail In The Quarry?

To save Abigail in the Quarry there are certain chapters wherein the player is required to take the correct decision. Below are the chapters and the decisions.

Chapter 6

In the pool area Nick and Abigail are present where it is shown that Nick is in a bad mood and therefore will soon strike Abigail, throwing her unconscious.

In response Abigail will take up the shotgun, and gamers will have to decide whether or not to shoot Nick. Now you will have to shoot Nick.

This will ensure the survival of Abigail as if Nick is not shot then he will transform into a warewolf.

Chapter 8

If Emma was bit by werewolf then there is a probability of Abigail being killed. The choice made by Kaitlyn will determine the question of Abigails survival.

Upon approaching the minivan Kaityln will have shoot Emma as warewolf. If this is not done then the werewolf will rip the head of Abigail.

Chapter 9 

Here Emma will transform into werewolf if she did not transform before. This moment, Abigail must save her life by making her own desicion, and ensuring that she clears the quick time event.

To save her life Abigail will have to give the option of running up the stairs. 

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Because of the exciting turn of events that occurs, the game is likely to keep the players on their toes. Every decision is critical since it impacts the players’ fate.

The engagement that one person has with another should be based not only on present events, but also on the calculation of creating relationships with others in the future.

Depending on whose character you save, the game will end in a different way. You may have to sacrifice other characters to save one character, but this is how the game will go. Continue to play the fast time events since they help to assure the character’s survival.