How To Save Chris In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

Chris Hackett or you can call him Mr. H, is Hackett’s Quarry summer camp’s director. He is kind off a no technology guy and takes everyone’s cell phone for the next two months. He does not seem so friendly and is uptight. 

You will find him very angry when he is told by the counselors that they can not leave now because of the busted van. The reason for this is that he is a werewolf(You’ll get to know this later in the game).

Later in the game, he also attacks Max in the shelter and was then shot by one of his brothers, Travis. You will also get to know about his secret surveillance room with all the cameras pointed toward the trail looking for Silas.

However, on the basis of your decision, either he will live in the game or die. If you choose to kill him, it will treat other members like Laura and Max whom he has bitten.

Can You Save Chris In The Quarry?

It Depends. You must know that Chris Hackett’s death is inevitable and Chris needs to die in the game. However, if you choose to save Chris, you will have to let some other characters die.

So, you need to keep in mind that some of the playable characters have to die in The Quarry and Chris is one of them until or unless you are ready to let Constance and Jedidiah.

One thing you must know is that Chris is destined to get an infection and if you choose to save him, other members of the family will be affected and one of them will surely have a very brutal death.

How To Save Chris In The Quarry?

As we have mentioned, it is a better decision to let Chris die in the game if you wish to save other members of the family. However, if you still choose to save him, here is what you need to do.

In Chapter 9: You will find Ryan lying on the floor and Laura will offer to bite him. You need to refuse that offer.

After some time, in this chapter, Laura, Chris and Ryan will have a fall through the floor.

Now, you will be the one controlling Ryan and Laura will now start turning into a monster and will ask you to kill Chris. Here, you can choose to shoot Laura and save Chris.

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