How To Save Max In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

The Quarry is a Supermassive Games release by 2K Games that is an interactive drama video game of the horror genre.

The game is played in the form of a third-person narration wherein the players are required to take control of nine teenagers.

These nine teenagers will spend the night at Hackett’s Quarry wherein the player will make various decisions to ensure their survival. 

The decision taken by the player will decide the fate and character development of these nine teenagers.

Usually, there are more than 10 ways to die for each character and the players will receive collectibles that will describe the future of these characters. Max is involved in the prologue of the Quarry along with Laura who is an important character.

Who Is Max In The Quarry?

Max Brinly is one of the main characters of the Game. Max is a fun and playful character in The Quarry and one of the nine major characters. He is Laura’s boyfriend and one of nine camp counselors at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp.

Max has always been the class clown, and he makes the most of his wit and charm and quips! Going to Hackett’s Quarry and maybe bringing a positive attitude to the campsite, his eternal kind attitude and manner would undoubtedly help people feel at ease.

Max was first introduced in the prologue of the game wherein he was driving with his girlfriend Laura towards Hackett’s Quarry.

Can You Save Max In The Quarry?

Yes, you can save Max in the Quarry. The life and death of every character depend upon the crucial decision that the player shall take.

The decisions taken by the player usually have a domino effect meaning that when the time strikes and a crucial decision is wrongly taken then no matter how many correct decisions you take after that it will definitely kill the character.

How To Save Max In The Quarry?

To save Max in the Quarry there are certain chapters wherein the player is required to take the correct decision. Below are the chapters and the decision.

Chapter 5

In chapter 5 you will enter the Radio shack. In the radio shack, you will encounter some monsters. Resist firing towards the radio tower’s ceiling, since this will keep Abigail, Nick, and Kaitlyn safe.

Dylan, on the other hand, will be assaulted while reaching for the radio cables. Choose the Chainsaw to slice Ryan’s arm off to prevent infection.

Chapter 7 

Laura and Max are at the police station, and your mission is to keep Travis happy. Act polite throughout your conversation, and don’t irritate him by asking for assistance.

Navigate the police station once Laura has been given power, being careful to take the syringe on the third floor.

Go to sleep with it hidden in the loose rock near the bed. Once Travis comes, don’t try to grab the pistol; instead, use the injection to immobilize him.

Chapter 9

Everything will become nasty in the Hacketts’ house, and when a chained-up monster is discovered in the attic, the floor will fall, forcing Ryan to choose either shooting Laura or shooting the monster.

If you kill the monster, the curse on Laura and Max will be broken. Considering previous events Travis will remain harmless to Laura only when she was obedient to him in prior incidents.

Chapter 10

As the spell is lifted after the incidents at Hackett’s house in Chapter 9, Max is free to travel the jungle in search of Laura. Preserve Max alive by avoiding diving into the water at the docks.

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The game is sure to keep the players on their toes due to the interesting turn of events that takes place. Every decision is very crucial as it determines the destiny of the players.

The interaction that one person makes with another shall not only be based on the current events but should also involve the calculation of developing relations with other for future perspective.

Saving different characters lead to different outcome in the game. Sometimes to save one character you will have to sacrifice other characters but this is how the game will progress.

Keep playing the quick time events as it supports the ensure survival of the character.