How To Save Nick In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

Nicholas Furcillo is a playable character in The Quarry, which requires you to make decisions in order to progress through the game. Nick is a significant character who will play the main character. He is part of the counselors working at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp.

Nick Furcillo is an incredibly lazy and relaxed person. He cannot be described as an introvert but cannot be assumed as a leader either.

He’s first spotted hanging around with Dylan. Nick became the first target of a Warewolf attack amongst the counselors when he runs around chasing Abigail.

In the aforementioned incident from Abi’s portion, he does ultimately turn into a werewolf. He can, though, either live through the night and revert to human form, or he can remain a werewolf.

Nick is imprisoned in the later chapters at the Hackett mansion when he transforms into a werewolf, i. Your choices here will have an impact on the lives of a few select characters. It is important that Nick lives through the night to ensure that his infection is all cleaned after all werewolves are dead.

Can You Save Nick In The Quarry?

Yes, you can save Nick in The Quarry. It is quite a task to save Nick from getting killed. Many players believe that he might be the toughest character to keep alive. This can be blamed due to the events and how he is whirlpool into them. 

Usually, the decisions taking turns in other characters will affect the fate of Nick. When you try to save Nick, you should be willing to sacrifice the lives of other characters.

The interesting part is that many times you will be in a situation where you will think that this will surely end Nick’s life. However, those events will not kill Nick.

How To Save Nick In The Quarry?

For you to ensure that Nick serves till the conclusion, here are some tips that you should keep in mind. 

Chapter 3

In the incident where Nick gets attacked by the Werewolf and the decision-making power is transformed to Abigail, you must take the decision to help Nick.

Abigail will entice the monster out. Then she can prevent being attacked if she avoids being captured and uses the Breath-holding option successfully.

Eventually, when Nick is being forcibly removed by pursuers, Ryan will look for him. With the gun, point and fire over Ryan. This act will scare off the hunters, making them flee the scene.

Chapter 6

In chapter six, Nick’s uncomfortable conduct will evolve. When he is shoved into a swimming pool, he becomes enraged. Now the control will be transferred to Abigail, and during this time, Nick will be brought into the cabin.

When Abigail goes too near to Nick, he throws her across the room. Abigail must fire at Nick with Nick’s weapon nearby since he will brutally murder her otherwise. When Nick is injured, Abigail will live, but Nick will flee and turn into a wolf.

Chapter 8

Nick is found in confinement beneath Hackett’s mansion the next occasion he can be seen.  Ryan and Laura track him down, but they do not have any idea who this person. 

As soon as the opportunity occurs, make sure Ryan distracts Laura. If Laura is not stopped, she will shoot and murder Nick.

Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, you must murder Caleb to cure Nick’s wolf curse. The curse is broken after Caleb dies at the hands of Nick.

Whereas the werewolf is hunting other counselors, there really are numerous methods to do this throughout Chapter 10.

The werewolf continues seeking other counselors after trailing them into the pantry. Toss Abigail’s toy animal into Kaitlyn’s backpack and make her slip towards the end of the kitchen space. The monster will follow the bunny if you put it in the chiller.

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