How To Save Hacketts In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

The Hacketts family does not appear at the beginning of the Quarry. The Hackett family does not appear to be someone that they look to be at first, and some may be argued to have humanitarian motivations. Nevertheless, if you do not end up encountering any member of the family they’re still the game’s major villains.

The great ancestors of the present owner, Chris Hackett, are thought to have created Hackett’s Quarry and named the camp after the family.

With the full moon on the peak, the curse that the family has received gets activated. this “curse” can be described as a situation in which some members of their family turn into werewolves

For the last six years, they’ve devoted each full moon to seeking down the real werewolf in addition to treating the family of this sickness. The werewolf that they are pursuing was spotted near Hackett’s Quarry, which is fortunate.

The family consists of Chris, Bobby, Caleb, Constance, Jedediah, Kaylee, and Travis Hackett.

Can You Save Hacketts In The Quarry?

Yes, there is a possibility to save the Hackett family but the death of Kaylee Hackett can not be avoided.

Saving the Hackett family will altogether be an exceptional case as you will come across situations wherein you will have to give up the lives of the counselors.

The game is designed to take actions on behalf of the playable characters which mainly includes the counselors because of which you will have to make calculative moves to save the Hackett family. 

How To Save Hacketts In The Quarry?

For saving the Hackett family members in the Quarry the players should make decisions diligently. You have the tricks which will save the Hacket family members.

1. Chris Hackett

The first difficult decision you’ll have to make is whether or not to grant Laura’s demand to attack Ryan. Picking Laura’s request will ultimately conclude in the Hackett family’s inescapable deaths.

Secondly, When Laura transforms into a werewolf, you have to focus on the option to shoot her instead of Chris. This choice of action will also lead to the death of Ryan who will die beside her.

2. Bobby Hackett

To ensure Bobby’s survival you have barely one decision to make. You need to get the weapon out of Ryan once he is wounded by Bobby Hackett.

That knife can eventually be put to use to murder Bobby, therefore if you really want to spare him, you must use it now.

3. Caleb Hackett

Players must select the option ‘Run’ multiple times when Dylan and Kaitlyn are being chased by Caleb Hackett in his werewolf state.

Furthermore, you are bound not to take a shot at Caleb to attack him while he pursues the counselor. This occurrence will save Caleb however will result in Kaitlyn’s infection and Dylan’s death.

5. Constance Hackett

Laura and Constance Hackett battle for a gun in Chapter 9. First and foremost, you must fail the Quick Time Event.

The failing is very important because Laura will blast Constance’s brains off if she wins the quick-time event.

6. Jedidiah Hackett

Laura is confronted by Jedidiah, who brandishes a pistol at her. You must select the ‘Run’ button after finishing the quick-time event. If you don’t, she’ll assassinate the Hackett family’s eldest.

7. Travis Hackett

To save the life of Travis till the end of the game you just have to keep one thing in mind. That is to ensure that you do not take any action which can result in a fatal wound for Travis.

8. Kaylee Hackett

Unfortunately, you cannot save a life of Kaylee in the game.

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