How To Save Everyone In The Quarry?

Save The Quarry

Supermassive Games introduced the narrative horror game known as “The Quarry.” It involves a Camp counselors’ group, which stays at the camp to enjoy one last night there after the departure of other campers.

A quarry is a game of making choices. You need to save the counselors by accomplishing the quick-time events.

We have come up with this guide, following which you can learn how to save everyone in the Quarry.

It is recommendable to strictly follow this guide for saving each character alive, as one incorrect selection can lead to the loss of a game character.

Is It Possible To Save Everyone In The Quarry?

Yes, It is possible to save everyone in The Quarry. It is practical to keep alive all the camp counselors in the Quarry game.

To save all the counselors, you need to keep a few things in mind. You should not go wrong in any of the Quick Time Events except the last one and constantly nominate the good and amicable dialogue selections.

Apart from these thumb rules, you need to hang back and glance at the consequences of firing on somebody and after the interrupts. While talking to Eliza in between the different chapters, you can select “Move On.”

For the best ending, the following characters or camp counselors will be required to be saved.

  • Emma
  • Laura
  • Jacob
  • Dylan
  • Ryan
  • Kaitlyn
  • Abigail
  • Max
  • Nick

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How To Save Everyone In The Quarry?

Your correct choices can save everyone in the Quarry. You should always select the options that can support the characters, i.e., the friendly ones, if you want to keep everyone alive.

We have summarized all the crucial choices that may affect the lives of the characters to make things easier for you.


At first, Laura and Max are seen in the car. Before exiting the car, you will discover one rapid QTE. Then Laura will find a rejection letter.

Laura will talk to Max. Here you have to choose Compliant.

Following this, you will confront the cop, Travis. Here you have to select this sequence of dialogues.


A few scenes later, Laura and Max go to Hackett’s Quarry camp. There Laura has to break in after heading downstairs. Here you should select Take Wrenches>Confident.

Now, you will need to help Max in the bunker from the attack. For this, select Help Max.

Then, the Prologue will end, and you have to select Move on.

First Chapter

At the beginning of the first chapter, all the campers will be seen receiving a Goodbye from Counselors.

While leaving, campers will talk to each other, and here you have to select Reflective.

Now, you will step around like Jacob. While advancing on the stairs, you will meet Kaitlyn. Here, you should select the dialogue order as follows: Playful>Mischievous>Brave.

Following that, you will be required to steal the rotator arm.

Then, a QTE event will take place, and there you have to select the Friendly dialogue alternative to grab the phone before the end of the conversation.

After switching over to Abigail, you have to select Break in the quick QTE.

Then you have to go to the left side and take hold of the Teddy bear. Here select Keep it.

Now, a dialogue with Emma will proceed where the conversations should be: Enthusiastic>Scenic Route>Supportive.

Then, while driving back with the other characters, you have to follow: Nudge>Friendly>Supportive>Understanding.

Now when Ryan finds Chris Hackett, the camp director, taking a phone call, you has to select: Eavesdrop>Concerned>Apologetic>Inquisitive.

After this, Chris and Ryan will head outside, and in the conversation after two Quick time events, you have to select the dialogue order as follows:


In the end, you have to select Move on to switch to the second chapter.

Second Chapter

In the opening of the second chapter, you will be performing as Emma and will have to select the Kick Door alternative. After analyzing for some time, you should get to the door and select Call Jacob.

Then you have to Grab the Shotgun from the room to receive the code for the safe with it and then get out of the room.

Now, Emma will open the safe with the safe code, and then you have to select: Leave Fireworks>Affectionate.

After this, you can explore the room as Dylan after going for the Friendly option.

You can inspect the Wardrobe by selecting Mischievous.

Then, you have to come back to the phones, put on charge and move on by selecting: Head to Party.

Now, Abigail and Nick will walk through the woods, where your choices should be: Rocky Road>Uncertain.

Then after getting down the stairs, your selections should be: Sincere>Cheerful.

Now at the lake, the sudden event scene with Kaitlyn should be followed by the selections: Serious>Stern.

After this, Jacob and Nick will show up, and the choices will go as Hopeful>Gloating.

Now at the campfire, the chapter will end with the narrator, and here you should select: Interrupt>Truth>Mischievous>Kaitlyn>Mischievous.

Third Chapter

In the third chapter, Abigail departs from the forest and confronts Nick.

The first event scene will require you to elect the following selections: Call Back>Honest>Cautious>Kiss.

Now, here comes a crucial point where you don’t have to miss any Quick Time Event if you want to save all of your characters. Here, Nick will be attacked by a monster, and you will be required to select: Help Nick>QTE>Run>Smash>Don’t Climb Tree>Hold Breath. If you succeed, then Abigail will also get saved by the Monster bite.

Next will come to the conversation with Emma in the boat house with you playing as Jacob. Now, you will have to keep your selections as follows: Enthusiastic>Don’t Splash>Flirt>Dive In>Grab>QTE>Detangle.

Now, like Ryan, you will be required to opt for: Worried>Assertive>Shortcut>QTE>Shortcut>QTE>Shout>Shoot.

Before the end of the chapter, a quick scene with Jacob will take place where you have to select the sequence: Don’t Call Out>Smash>Pleading>Don’t Throw Dirt.

Fourth Chapter

In the first cutscene of this chapter, you will examine Nick’s wound as Ryan, where you have to select: Apply Pressure>Smash>Dismissive>Call Out>Don’t Shoot>Questioning>Let Go>QTE. In case you opt to shoot, you will lose Jacob.

Next, you will see Emma walking and heading towards the tree house. On reaching there, you will have to select: Search the bag>Use the taser>Take a photo of the Monster.

Then furthermore, inside the tree house only, you will need to make the selection after a Quick Time Event as Smash>Spray>QTE>QTE>Block Door>Use Trapdoor>QTE>QTE>Smash. This will save Emma from the Monster.

After this, you will play Dylan and will enter a building with some other counselors. Here, you will be required to opt for: Optimistic>Hopeful>Determined>Suspicious>Calm>Defensive>Give Gun.

Then the fourth part will terminate with getting back to Emma and selecting the alternatives as Reel Slowly>Don’t Speed Up.

Fifth Chapter

This chapter will begin with Abigail and Nick talking to each other. Here you will need to select: Grateful>Don’t Speak Up>Reassuring.

Now Kaitlyn will appear in the lodge, where the sequence would be: QTE>QTE>Hold Breath>QTE.

After this, you have to go for Steal Rotator Arm.

Then coming back to Abigail and Nick, you have to select: Confident>Intrigued>Hide>Hold Breath.

Now, there will come a scene, including Ryan and Dylan walking there. You have to choose Confident.

After a while, they both will be attacked by a monster, and the chapter will conclude after this. In this case, you will be required to choose the sequence as Interested>Concerned>Apologetic>Don’t Shoot>Aggressive>Confident>Calm>Desperate>Chainsaw>Uncertain.

Sixth Chapter

The Sixth Chapter will begin with Jacob strolling around.

Jacob will then go to the right to start a scene with Emma. Here, you will be required to opt for: Delighted>Apologetic>QTE>Hide>Hold Breath>Pry Open.

Then shifting to Kaitlyn, the ideal choice sequence becomes: Compassionate>Intervene>Help Nick.

Now during the conversation between Nick and Abigail, you have to select: Calm>Compassionate>Shoot Nick. Shooting Nick will turn him into a Monster, but he will survive. Otherwise, he would have died.

 Now the chapter will end with Emma as you come to the hilltop. Here, you should follow: Don’t Run>Reassuring>Suspicious>Interested.

Seventh Chapter

In the seventh chapter, you will find Laura in jail talking to the cop.

The action order for the first cutscene will be: Don’t Call Out>Compliant>Compliant>Intrigued>Pleading>Don’t Lash Out>Concerned>Disappointed>Compliant>Worried.

Now, you will get a spoon beside the bed in the left corner of the cell. After, this the cop will come back and you have to follow: Fearful>Serious>Reflective>Encouraging>Empathetic>Calm>Curious>Optimistic>Skeptical>Don’t Call for help>Compassionate.

After this, acting as Laura, you will get to roam freely in the police station. You will get a syringe from the locker in the third office. Then, coming back to the cell, you will need to choose to Hide the Syringe before sleeping.

Next comes the cut scene of Laura with Travis, and the sequence which needs to be followed here is Honest>Confident>Don’t Take Gun>Confused>Encouraging>Resigned>Empathetic>QTE>QTE>Anxious>Reassuring>Show Bite.

In the last scene of this Chapter with Jacob, you will be required to select Pleading.

Eighth Chapter

It begins with a cut scene with Laura and Ryan, where the choices should be as follows: Uncertain>Curious>Suspicious>Guarded>Compassionate>Friendly>Inquisitive>Reflective>Compassionate.

Now the next scene will be you performing Kaitlyn. Here your selections should be Honest>Encouraging.

After this, the next scene will show Laura and Ryan. Here the order to be followed will be: QTE>Don’t Open Cage>Stop Laura>Help Jacob>Choose Breakers 1 and 2>Continue>Choose Breakers 2 and 3. After this, Jacob comes out of the Cage and gets saved.

Ninth Chapter

The ninth part proceeds with Kaitlyn and Dylan, and the appropriate selections to be chosen would be: Positive>Curious.

Now for the conversation between Emma and Abigail, the correct order will be: Curious>Curious.

After this, for the scene between Laura and the old woman, you have to select: Shoot Gun>QTE>Don’t Pull Knife. Due to this order selection, the old Hackett woman will be brought to death.

Now, Ryan will test the left door, and in the upcoming scene, you have to select: Hide>In Cabinet>Hold Breath>QTE.

After this, on returning to Laura, the ideal sequence will be: Hide>Hold Breath>QTEs>Attack>Smash. Jediah will get killed with this.

Then on returning back to Ryan, you need to follow: QTE>QTE>Hold Breath>Stab>Sympathetic>Accept>Don’t Pull Away.

Now in the successive event scene, Kaitlyn and Dylan will progress towards the yellow crane, and the choice sequence to be followed will be: Encouraging>Warn Kaitlyn>QTE>Sound Horn>Smash>QTE>Smash.

Next, you will play as Abigail and then Laura. Laura will murder Bobby Hackett. Then, you will be acting as Ryan and will need to select Shoot Monster, and with this, Chris Hackett will die.

Now, the ninth chapter will terminate with you opting for the Suspicious alternative.

Tenth Chapter

The curse of Max will get lifted with the killing of Chris. So, you will start the tenth chapter as Max and will head to the dock, and here you will have to pick the Stay option.

Now, the next scene will be you as Kaitlyn in the lodge having interaction with the portrait. During this event, you will be required to go for: Run>Beam>Smash>Run>Investigate>Shoot. With this, Caleb Hackett will die.

Now, you will join Travis and Ryan while acting as Laura. Here, you will be required to follow the order: Inquisitive>QTE>Grab Gun>Take Cover>QTE>Determined>Give To Ryan>Probing>Reflective>Don’t Raise Gun>Fail the QTE>Shoot Monster Silas.

You should note that you have to deliberately go wrong only with this last Quick Time Event. This will be essential to fail if you want to protect Travis and Laura from their death, as finalizing this QTE will cause their death leading to a bad ending.


Following a few general rules strictly can easily help you in keeping all the characters safe and alive. If you want the best ending, then this guide can definitely help you in attaining your purpose.

If you fail the QTEs, then this usually results in the killing of some character. Therefore, you should make sure that you do not fail any of them. Being careful with the gunshots and interrupts can help you in attaining the best ending.

The Quarry is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, along with PC.