The Quarry All Endings: Best, Worst, Secret, True

The Quarry game launch don 10th June, 2022 the dramatic horror game is already played by thousands of people. The game revolves around an intriguing plot where seven players are trying their best to survive by making wise and friendly decisions. 

The outcomes of their decisions and judgments will determine the variations and flow of the game. Nonetheless, some factors are mandatory, which you can skip in the game. How will this affect the ending of the Quarry? 

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of all the possible major endings of the game, which are the best ending, and the worst ending and the article will also highlight the “true ending” to know more. Stay tuned. 

How Many Endings In The Quarry?

There are total 186 endings in The Quarry. According to the director of the Supermassive games, Will Bayles has stated that there are accurately one hundred and eighty-six (186) endings in Quarry.

You may have been surprised to see this big number, the game has been created in a unique pattern of variations, and the game itself has many folds. As per some reports, people have claimed there are two endings. However, that is not the case; the two endings are the direct end of a player and the credit scenes. 

The directors have mentioned they have uniquely designed 186 endings, and it’s not only revolving around the death of a player but on the suspense of ‘what may happen next. 

The Quarry All Endings 

We have a list of major endings in the Quarry game for you. Make sure you don’t miss out on reading them all. In between the major endings, you will come across the minor endings, which will add more variations to the plot of the game. 

Below are the all endings explode in The Quarry:

1. Laura And Travis Work Together 

To see the end of Silas, you have to make sure Travis and Laura work together in these chapters (3, 7, and 9)  as Travis has all the vital information about Silas, and if they do not work together, they will not be able to know about Silas backstory. 

As a result, they will know Silas was not the first member of his family to be bitten, being unknown the fact the main character may meet their end soon in the game.

2. Laura Kills Silas, And She Helps To Lift The Curse 

In this ending,  all the three main characters (Laura, Travis, and Ryan) survive to lift the curse and try to avoid Silas from making the horrible car crash(in chapter 10). In the same chapter, you may share or give the last vial of blood to Laura. 

An important thing you have noted is to give the gun to shoot Silas(to lift the curse) to Laura. The vial that you would give to her will boost her immunity. 

3. Laura Does Not Kill Silas 

In the same situation, when Travis and Laura fight for the gun, and she gets the gun and does not shoot Silas, Silas will stay alive, and the curse will not be lifted. Another ending of the game where Neither Silas dies nor Laura/Ryan or Travis. 

4. Travis Dies, And Laura Kills Silas 

After dodging the car accident, Ryan, Laura, and Travis will move to the woods, and there they will see Silas.

When Laura hesitates the gun to shoot Silas, this will trigger Travis. Both Laura and Travis will fight for the gun, and Laura will shoot Travis resulting in his death, and then she will kill Silas.

5. Laura Caught By Travis 

When Laura cannot decide if she should take the gun to shoot Silas, which will eventually piss Travis off, then they will quarrel to get the shotgun.

If in the fight(in Freakshow), Travis succeeds in getting the shotgun, then Laura will be dead, and this mystery has not been fully resolved what happens next.

6. Everybody Died In The Crash

In the final chapter, if you fail to clear QTE, this will directly lead to your car crash as planned by Silas, and in this case, Laura, Travis, and Ryan will meet their end, and the game will end there, and Silas will remain alive, and the curse will not be broken.

7. Every Member Of Hacketts Meets Their End

If from the beginning you have been making decisions that kill all the Hackett’s family members, the game will have an ending where all the werewolves meet their ends the characters stay alive. 

Also, there is a series of incidents that need to be followed to see this ending, the killing of Constance by Laura, Ryan taking the knife to kill Bobby and then Laura decides to shoot Jed, and later on, in another situation, Ryan killing the wolf Chris and denies to heal is wound by being bitten. 

And later on, because of this, Ryan will die of his excess blood loss, and then Travis and Laura will fight each other for the gun. If Laura wins, she will be the sole character surviving till the ending.

8. Laura Reunites With Max In Should’ve Gone Motel

If Laura succeeds in killing Silas regardless of Travis’s death in the next level, you will reunite with Max in the “Should have gone motel,”  and then you will break her curse, and both you and Ryan’s wound will heal if Ryan chooses to kill the werewolf, Chris.

In addition, there is a part where you have to cross the river. If you decide to swim and cross the river, then sadly, Laura(Max) will meet their end since, in the mid of the river, a monster will come to slay you.

9. Travis And Laura Fight To Kill Each Other

In the final chapter, where Ryan finds the knife to kill the werewolf Chris, if Ryan refuses to kill Chris, the werewolf will kill Ryan, and then Laura and Travis will eventually end up killing each other as Ryan’s death will cause Laura not to turn into her human form, she will bite in Travis’s neck, and as response Travis will kill Laura in the fight and later on, he dies by his fatal wounds caused by Laura. 

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The Quarry Best Ending

The best ending in Quarry was where all the three main characters survive after killing Silas and thereby lifting the curse. 

You have to successfully clear the QTE test to avoid a car crash that may kill you in the accident. You can give the last vial of immunity to Laura. This step is optional, but in the long run, it is helpful. 

Reaching the freakshow forest, all the players will see Siles hiding behind, hand over the gun to Laura(let Laura not refuse here to take the gun), and Laura will shoot Siles to death resulting in no death of the players. 

The Quarry Worst Ending 

The worst ending in Quarry would be the end of the characters in the game. This happens when you make wrong decisions and take up unfriendly choices resulting in someone’s death which again impacts other character’s death in the next chapter.

For instance, if you let Emma and Jacob kill in chapter 4 and then Nick will turn into a monster in chapter 6. As a result, he will kill Abigail and in chapter 7 if you don’t use the syringe. She will entice Travis by telling him that she is in pain, and then if you fail the QTE and shoot, Travis will make Travis bleed, and you will get a warning message that Travis will kill you.

In chapter 8, if you take up to kill Nick and Ryan by Laura and then in the last chapter, you will survive as Max, and you have to go to the other side of the bay if you choose the option to “swim to the shore.” Well, here, a monster will pop up and kill you, and the last character will be Kaitlyn, who too will meet her end if you make a wrong decision. 

The Quarry Secret Ending 

There is no Secret Ending. To know all the endings, you have to play the game many times to know all the possible endings; otherwise, missing any ending makes it also a “possible secret ending.”

 In other words, the game can take any variations depending on your choice. As per the directors of the game, there are accurately 186 ways of endings. If a player could not kill Silas and then comes to know another player could Silas for him or her, it will be like a secret ending that they did not know about earlier on. 

The Quarry True Ending

The true quarry ending depends upon the player as different players will get different endings. The ending is completely determined by the player’s choices and decisions.  As mentioned earlier, there are 186 endings. There cannot be any specific “true “ending. 

The best ending(which may be referred to as a true ending in the game for some of you) is when all the characters survive till the end of the final chapter.

If only Kaitlyn and Laura survive, they will look after the enemies(monsters) and continue the game. Regardless of any character’s existence, their name will appear in the game’s epilogue. 


By now, you must know there are almost two hundred possible endings, and the article has discussed all the major endings above. You must have observed that your one unfriendly decision will result in any character’s demise. 

The best ending in the game is where all the characters live the game without meeting their end, and the worst ending can be when the main characters meet their death and do not lift the curse, and Silas remains alive.

You need to note some of the major points mentioned above in the “all the endings” subheading. Your choice can change the ending of the game, giving it a best or worst ending verdict.

By passing the time as you continue to play the game, you will be able to discover more endings in the game(within 186 endings).