Ark Fjordur Realms: Jothnheim, Vanaheim, Asgard

Ark Fjordur realms

Ark Fjordur consists of three major realms namely Jothnheim, Asgard, and Vanaheim. All the realms offer different characteristics to the gamers.

You can also get all the 3 realms on the new and official map And teleport your avatar to any of the realms if you know the exact location and the process of reaching any particular realm. 

You will need to locate the particular portals through which you can teleport to the respective realm after finding the exact location of each.

What Is Realms In Ark Fjordur?

Realms in ark Fjordur Are different worlds and coordinates to which you can teleport your avatar for different experiences.

Ark Fjordur Have mainly 4 different realms, namely Asgard, Midgard, Vanaheim, and Jotunheim. Each realm comes with different characteristics Jotunheim Is called the ice realm as almost every location in this realm is covered under the ice. 

Whereas, in Asgard, you can locate different creatures and vegetation with exotic colors and adventurous life.

Similarly, Vanaheim Is one of the most colorful and vegetated realms in which you can interact with different components of extraordinary vegetation.

How To Get To Realms In Ark Fjordur?

You can easily get to any of the Realms by rich the central teleporting location. To reach this location, you will have to spot a golden rock that is giant and visible from a distance. Now, look for a river flowing near this golden rock and find a path between the 2.

 Once you carry forward on this part, you will have an option of going to the left or right on this path. Make sure you choose the left path to reach the cave structures.

You can easily enter the scale even on level one and teleport your avatar to any of the realms of your choice.

This cave will show you 3 portals that will finally lead you to any of your favorite realms. On the Left inside, you can locate a portal to Vanaheim, which may look like a forest in the beginning.

Now moving towards the right, you will locate the Asgard portal right in the middle. This portal will take you to the golden land of Asgard.

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Keep moving to your right, and at the right corner, you will find the portal which will lead you to Jotunheim, which is a cold and icy realm. 

To enter any of the realms of your choice, you need to walk up to the portal and go to the terminal, and tap on it to get an inventory on your Terminal and tap on it to get an inventory on your screen. Double-tap on the green gem-like button on your screen and wait for 30 seconds to enter Vanaheim.

Likewise, you can enter any of the realms by Going to the respective terminal and double-tapping on the stone of the realm colors.

What Is Jotunheim In Ark Fjordur?

Jotunheim in Ark Fjordur is the coldest and most icy realm, with every inch of land covered in thick layers of snow.

The characteristic of this realm is the wolves and bears who may harm you by Shooting ice at you. Make sure you have your hands on enough cold resistance to survive through this realm.

 Also, gear up yourself with enough frost resistance to ensure that you do not freeze of death before exploring the realm at all.

This realm comes with an authentic look of iced mountains, vegetation, and red trees, which will make you feel chilly and excited at the same time. 

How To Get To Jotunheim In Ark Fjordur?

While at the cave, look at the extreme right corner and walk towards it to get to Jotunheim in Ark Fjordur. Initially, you have to go to the location where you can find respective portals to enter different Realms.

Upon reaching there, simply go to the portal on the right-hand side corner of your screen and step up to go to the terminal of this portal.

Once you reach the terminal, tap on it to To activate an inventory on your screen. You do not require any specific level to enter Jotunheim and hence double click on the lighted icon to enter this realm. 

Once you double-tap on the inventory option, wait for 30 seconds to enter the realm. You can tame your resources and collect your weapons in these 30 seconds. Do not forget to get frost resistance for this realm. 

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What Is Vanaheim In Ark Fjordur?

Vanaheim in Ark Fjordur is a green forest realm known for its vegetation and natural beauty. This realm offers a pleasing and calm atmosphere with different flowers and exotic trees spread over the land.

You can easily locate it on the new official app of Ark Fjordur by recognizing the green area. The player is allowed to take up to 30 tames in this new region. 

Although the exact size of vanaheim is not available on any source as of now, you can easily locate this huge area on the map.

This region is dedicated to nature and hence comes with exciting colors and much more to offer. However, be aware of other creatures accompanying you in the region. 

How To Get To Vanaheim In Ark Fjordur?

To get to Vanaheim in Ark Fjordur, you require runestones. You can get these gem-like stones or runestones lying around or in drops throughout the time.

Once you get around 5 runestones, you can easily enter the Vanaheim by teleporting. Make sure you take up to 30 tames only, and you have 30 seconds to gather them. 

When you walk into the cave full of portals to different realms, move towards the left, and you can easily locate a terminal to Vanaheim with green effects.

Tap on this terminal and ensure that you have the required runestones. Once the requirement is fulfilled, you will be teleported to Vanaheim in under 30 seconds. You can utilize this time in collecting your weapons as well as taming. 

What Is Asgard In Ark Fjordur?

Asgard in Ark Fjordur Is a golden land realm with tons of exciting components. This realm is full of dangerous creatures whom you can defeat with powerful weapons.

You can also collect up to 5 runestones to efficiently lead a battle against such creatures. This realm also has a red forest with amazing features and great graphics. 

This realm is great for PVE as you can build a stronger game in the Rocky areas spread around the region.

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You will come across many creatures whom you can use as rides to travel within the realm. Other attractions of this realm are  Asgard lake, around which you can hunt or tame various creatures, and the secret passway or tunnel under the bushes, which will take you to more worthy and exciting spots.

All in all, this realm is one of the greatest editions to the Ark Fjordur map for adventurous games. 

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How To Get To Asgard In Ark Fjordur?

To get to Asgard in Ark Fjordur, you will have to enter the central portal once you reach the portal room.

Without the yellow effect, you can spot the portal to Asgard right in the middle of the other 2 portals. Since Asgard is a golden land region, the portal emits a yellow effect at the terminal. 

After reaching the portal room, step ahead to the middle portal and go to the terminal for Asgard to enter the realm. On the inventory, make sure you have at least one yellow runestone and others. 

Double-tap on it to start the teleporting process. Once the process is initiated, make sure you gather your weapons or tame them quickly, as you have only 30 seconds to complete it.

After 30 seconds, you will be teleported to the Asgard realm with whatever weapons you have. Make sure to tame the best ones as you have to face dangerous creatures in Asgard. 


Ark Fjordur has expanded its map with three realms, namely Asgard, Vanaheim, and Jotunheim. The player can teleport from one realm to another within 30 seconds and explore the new realm freely.

You don’t require any specific level to explore any realm, as you can enter any of these regions at level 1. However, you must understand what each realm offer to fully take benefit of each one. 

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