How To Fix Reddit Chat Not Working

reddit chat not working

Reddit is famous American networking and community app. It came out in 2005 and is quite popular among youngsters for various activities

Like community building, data sharing, social news, and discussions. 

Recently, many people have been facing some trouble starting a new chat, or their chat box is not accessible. This has made it difficult for people to smoothly use the app and enjoy the services.  

There are times when the Reddit chat does not load, the user cannot access new chats, or their chats won’t open; All of these lead us to a single problem that is the Reddit chat is not working.  

This problem is quite frequent due to a number of reasons these days.

The chat issue is making people feel frustrated as they are stuck and cannot continue to chat with their friends online or start a new chat on Reddit.

Why Is Reddit Chat Not Working?

Reddit Chat Not Working because You have hit the limit of the number of chats per day or You have hit the number of chats that can be accessed at a single time.

Alternately, Reddit Chat Not Working because There is some glitch/error on Reddit or You could have been shadowbanned in the Reddit.

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How To Fix “Reddit Chat Not Working”?

Here are a few things that can be done if you are facing an issue with your Reddit chat:

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1. Try Alternative Methods 

If you are facing trouble in loading your chat on one device, try to open the app on some other device.

You can also use an alternative browser to check whether the chat is still working or not. For instance, if you are using Reddit on Google, you can open and check on Firefox. 

2. Clear Cookies

You can try the basic cookie/cache method. Cookies and cache tend to collect and sometimes create problems while using some particular website.

You can go to the settings of your browser and, from there, clear the cache/cookies of Reddit. 

3. Shadowbanned 

Sometimes regular/non-regular users can be shadowbanned by the website itself. If you feel you could have been shadowbanned, you can appeal your ban on the website. 

4. Ask For Help 

If no other method is working for you, you can always ask the website/app for help regarding your problem.

This can be done by putting an inquiry through contact or mailing your problem to the concerned email. 

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Why Can’t You Send Direct Messages On Reddit?

The major two reasons that you cannot send direct messages on Reddit are:

  • Your Limit For Active Chats Is Up
  • You Have Hit The Limit Of Chats You Can Open Once

1. Your Limit For Active Chats Is Up

The reason that you are not able to send direct messages could be that you have used the number of active chats that can be used on a single day.

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The limit increases as your account gets older. 

2. You Have Hit The Limit Of Chats You Can Open Once

You might have hit the limit of chats that can be open at one time. This can be fixed by going to the setting and then clicking on Leave group. 

This could close some of the active group chats, and then the chats would function smoothly. 

Reddit Chat Stuck On Fetching Messages

Reddit chat stuck on fetching messages means that the network is unable to fetch your older chats or messages at the moment. 

This might be due to slow or no internet connection. There might be a possibility of some glitch or repair of the website on the part of Reddit.

Also, the app might have crashed at that moment which is the reason your app shows fetching messages. 

If your chat is stuck on fetching messages, you can either clear cookies by going on in your browser’s settings, or you can restart the app.

Reddit Chat Sorry Try Again Later

Reddit chat sorry try again is faced when you post and delete something continuously, spam some content again and again, or you are new to the subreddit.

This mostly happens with new accounts to prevent the server from spamming. 

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This can be fixed by restarting or clearing cookies for the app. To prevent such errors, newer accounts are advised not to spam or post adult content. 

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Does Reddit Have A Message Limit?

Yes, Reddit Have a Message Limit. This is mainly for the new users. There is a limit on the number of new chats that can be sent when you are new to Reddit. This is done to prevent bots or spammers on the website/app. 

This limit increases with the usage of this app. As you become an older user, the limit is quite satisfactory for your daily use. 


Reddit is used by a lot of people, and that means there is a lot of load on the network too. This is one of the reasons that sometimes your chats won’t load, or you might face some

Other glitches. We hope that the article can solve your chat-related problems, and if not, you can always contact the customer care of Reddit.

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