How To Make Money On Reddit?

how to make money on reddit

Reddit is one of the widely used social media platforms. It is reported to be the ninth most-visited site in the world in March 2022. 

It is a discussion and web content rating website where the registered members can post images, videos, links as well as texts.

All the posted content can be voted up or down by the other members.

All the submitted content on Reddit is organized into ‘subreddits’ or ‘communities,’ which are the boards created by its users.

Reddit features more than 100,000 subreddits, touching almost every possible topic.

Reddit is a valuable social network as it not only allows you to stay updated and gain knowledge about your favorite topics but also enables you to indirectly make an income from it.

You can make a passive or even a full-time income from Reddit.

If you have an online business, a website, or a blog, then Reddit can help you greatly to enhance its growth. You can use subreddits to find various opportunities for making money on Reddit.

How To Make Money On Reddit?

There is no direct way to earn money on reddit. You can earn money by building your community related to specific niche and after you get the traffic you can promote anything you want to.

You can easily find opportunities on Reddit to make money. You just need to find suitable communities for yourself.

You can find a good community by making a google search, using a subreddit search, or by browsing FindAReddit.

Apart from this, several subreddits like r/Freelance, etc., can provide the users with opportunities to talk, share, and learn about various ways to earn money.

Now aside from these general ways to find earning opportunities, we are going to share with you some specific subreddits that may be ideal for you to find opportunities to make money.

The top 9 ways to make money from Reddit are as follows.

  • Find online tasks and rewards in /r/Beermoney.
  • Get freelancing opportunities and online work in /r/Workonline.
  • Discover small works to be done below market price in /r/SlaveLabour.
  • Get hired by Redditors by publicizing your skills in /r/forhire.
  • Earn sign-up bonus in /r/SignupsForPay.
  • Acquire Cryptocurrencies from opportunities posted in /r/Jobs4Bitcoin.
  • Get opportunities in Graphic designing in /r/DesignJobs.
  • Find Freelance writing opportunities in /r/HireAWriter.
  • Endorse your online business by actively participating in applicable subreddits.

Now, let us discuss all these subreddits or ways of making money on Reddit in detail.

1. /R/BeerMoney

/r/BeerMoney is one of the most active subreddits on Reddit that can help you find many ways to make money. It has been subscribed by more than 300,000 Redditors.

Through this community, you can easily find fresh openings, which are promoted through the numerous posts that are published here on a regular basis. 

In this community, you can find passive income apps, paid product reviews, sign-up bonuses, online surveys, and other simple tasks to earn up to a few hundred dollars per month.

Along with this, you can participate in the discussions of the/r/BeerMoney community and take advantage of other users’ queries & advice,

And you can also get direct help from the community by asking your own questions about the website you want to work for.

In this way, /r/BeerMoney is an ideal community for those active Reddit users who want to earn a small amount of extra income without making much effort.

2. /r/Workonline

/r/Workonline is another great community where users can discuss and share online earning opportunities.

It is different from /r/BeerMoney as it shares not just simple but almost all sorts of job opportunities such as online tutoring jobs, affiliate marketing, freelance writing jobs, freelancing portals, etc.

This subreddit can even help you in finding a 7 to an 8-hour-full-time remote working job opportunity. If you are unemployed and are in search of some reliable income source, then the subreddit /r/Workonline can be an ideal one for you.

3. /r/SlaveLabour

/r/SlaveLabour is another popular subreddit that offers you opportunities for small tasks that can pay you only a modest income. 

In this community, you cannot expect to earn a huge amount of money as here you get those job opportunities for which people are willing to work below the market rate.

SlaveLabour subreddit is somewhat similar to other micro-tasking websites that offer low-paying tasks like writing, graphic designing, data entry, etc.

Here the community members can submit their job opportunities for hiring people, and those in need can post their availability to get the job.

You can directly bid on the posts if you are willing to work, as bidding is a simple Reddit functionality.

SlaveLabour can be an ideal subreddit for those who are desperately looking to make an extra income in their spare time, irrespective of how much they will be paid. 

The jobs posted here are usually simple and require no extraordinary skills. You can search for work opportunities here anytime as it is highly flexible.

4. /r/forhire

/r/forhire is another useful subreddit that allows you to advertise your talents and abilities to other community members so that they can hire you.

If you possess some good technical skills, then you can expect to get a job here.

The members of this community can submit their work opportunities on /r/forhire for hiring qualified candidates, while the skilled ones can utilize those opportunities to make money on Reddit.

If you are good at technical works like web development, graphic designing, etc., then this subreddit can be an ideal one for you.

5. /r/SignupsForPay

/r/SignupsForPay is a valuable community on Reddit that provides sign-up bonus offers to its members. And the fascinating detail here is that along with the sign-up bonus. The subreddit members give an extra incentive also.

In other words, on this subreddit, the community members are willing to share with you their referral bonus, which they received for referring you, as an extra incentive.

Although you get good money-making opportunities on this subreddit, you need to be careful while signing up for anything.

If you find the task to be deceptive or to be violating the protocol of the service, then you should use your own judgment and avoid it.

Sign-up bonuses along with extra incentives can provide good money-making opportunities on this active subreddit. Utilizing these, you can easily earn a passive income through this community.

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6. /r/Jobs4Bitcoin

/r/Jobs4Bitcoin is a community that offers those opportunities for work that pay the hired workers in crypto tokens such as Bitcoin.

The community members who want to hire someone for their work post here the details of their work while those planning to make money can post about the services that they can offer, along with the rates for it.

Currently, on /r/Jobs4Bitcoin, you will find more posts from the members who want to work as compared to the posts from the hirers.

But you can easily get the new day-to-day posted opportunities here.

In this community, you will find work opportunities like social media jobs, blockchain technology or cryptocurrency-related jobs, etc. All the jobs posted on this subreddit are legit, and hired members can make a considerable amount of earnings from them.

This community ensures that the opportunities and users are legit by providing an option to the users to report any middlemen and scammers in case they have been oppressed.

Since the community pays in cryptocurrencies, therefore it provides a middleman for helping the users with transactions. They have been authorized to prevent fraud and protect both parties.

7. /r/DesignJobs

/r/DesignJobs is a popular Reddit community for those who are willing to hire as well as work as a Graphic designer.

The designers can post about their services on /r/DesignJobs, while the recruiters can post about the work details for which they want to hire people.

Here, you will find work opportunities like designing product packaging, creating a logo, and other graphic design gigs. 

Here, you can find a considerable number of graphic designers who have published the details regarding their services along with their hourly rates for accomplishing them.

For job seekers, new opportunities arrive on this subreddit almost every day.

/r/DesignJobs can be an ideal subreddit for those freelancers who are looking for their clients as well as who want to gain some experience along with making an income. You can easily find legit paying gigs here.

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8. /r/HireAWriter

/r/HireAWriter is a popular Reddit community for freelance writers. It can provide writers the chance to earn money online by connecting to clients.

Here the writers can post about their experience, areas of expertise, rates, and availability, while the clients can post about their opportunities for advanced, general, or entry-level writers.

/r/HireAWriter is one of the best income opportunity providers for writers. Here, the writers can know well in advance how much they will be paid for a particular

Job as each post here must contain a pay rate, and therefore it saves them a lot of time.

Also, the community has a minimum fixed pay rate. For entry-level jobs, the minimum pay rate is 5 cents/word. For general writing work,

It is 10 cents/word, while for advanced roles, the clients must pay a minimum rate of 15 cents/word. 

The rates in this community are considerably higher than we can find on other such platforms and are therefore sufficient to make a good income online.

This subreddit can be an ideal option for you to look for income opportunities if you are a freelance writer.

9. Promote Your Own Business

If you own your own business or a website or a blog, then you can promote it through Reddit. This is a good option for enhancing the income that you are earning from the business, but this is not as simple as it sounds. 

You cannot directly use Reddit to market your products as this may get you a ban from the community or the platform. Over-promoting your business in discussions or posts is not allowed here. 

But you can become an active and dedicated member of the community, this will lend your words some weight, and you will be able to influence customers without even over promoting your stuff. 

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We have provided you with various ways or subreddits that can help you in making money on Reddit. But to harness the true power of this platform,

You should become an active or dedicated member of the various communities which you find relatable to your skills and requirements.

You should actively participate in the various discussions on the topics that you find interesting, and you should be capable of identifying scams in the communities.

Redditors are generally smart users who know how things work on this valuable platform Reddit.

It is true that you cannot earn directly on Reddit, but this does not make it less valuable for those seeking quick opportunities to make money. 

Make sure that you follow all the rules here, as this is not a very tolerant community. Carefully read the rules for each subreddit before making any move. 

If you have a doubt regarding any subreddit’s rule, then you can ask for help from the moderators to avoid a ban from Reddit.