How To See Deleted Reddit Comments?

see deleted reddit comments

Reddit is very famous, but one thing that frustrates people is that the posts and comments get deleted easily and fast.

While using Reddit, you must have noticed how sometimes the comments get deleted almost immediately, and you are unable to read them, or It might be the case of inaccessibility.

Yes, it might be the decision of the user, and there can be several reasons for the user to delete their comments, or it might be that their comments carry no value that is why they deleted,

But there are some tricky methods by which you can see the deleted comments on Reddit. 

You can See Delete Reddit Comments Through Wayback Machine, Via Ceddit, Via ReSavr, Via Un- Delete Reddit Comment.

How To See Deleted Reddit Comments?

You can see the deleted Reddit Comments in these ways: 

Method 1: See Delete Reddit Comments Through Wayback Machine

Way back machine is a web archiving service that collects screenshots so that they can be seen by the world.

It also takes a screenshot of the post on Reddit.

So, you can move to the previous time to see the comment that got deleted.

It is not the case that it will give you the exact comment that was given, but it can search for you the most accurate one out of several sources.

Follow the given steps to see the deleted Reddit comment: 

Step 1: Go To Reddit In Your System

You need to move to Reddit to see how many days ago the comment you want to see was deleted.

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Step 2: Use The Calculator And Calendar

Use a calculator and calendar to write the number of days from the current day when you last viewed the comment.

Step 3: Click The Exact Date On The Wayback Machine

If you are aware of the exact date, then you can keep the method and directly move over to type the exact date on the Wayback Machine.

Step 4: Move The Cursor Over The Date

Hover the cursor around and look over the screenshot that might have been taken before the comment got deleted.

It works with a calculator and calendar that shows a blue circle on the date, signifying that the screenshot of the post might have been taken many hours before the deletion of the comment.

This process takes almost 15 minutes to get completed.

The Wayback Machine is a better option if you want to go deep into the comment, but it can be tiring.

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Method 2: See Delete Reddit Comments Via Ceddit

Step 1: Open The Reddit App On The System

Launch the Reddit or Ceddit app on your device and log in to the website.

Step 2: Open The Post

If you want to read a deleted comment on a particular post, open that post.

Step 3: Edit The URL

In the URL of that post, replace the ‘r’ in with ‘c’ to change it to

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Step 4: Press The Enter Button

After you press the enter button, that post will be opened in the ceddit interface, and you can then find the deleted comments in the red highlight. 

Ceddit is a third-party tool that is considered to be one of the quickest ways to read or see deleted comments.

Method 3: See Delete Reddit Comments Via ReSavr

Step 1: Hover Over The Resavr On Your System

Launch the Resavr on your device and navigate it.

Step 2:  Explore The Recent Option

Explore the recent option that is present at the top right corner of the screen and tap on it.

After this process, you will be able to see the deleted comments.

ReSavr is a tool that saves all deleted comments that are above 1000 characters in length.

Therefore, it can help you to find some real information that might be hidden inside the big text that you want to read. 

Resavr can extract your deleted comments, and you can easily navigate them.

It even displays the post title and the number of words that deleted comments contain.

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Method 4: See Delete Reddit Comments Via Un- Delete Reddit Comment

Step 1: Install Undelete Extension

First, you need to install undelete extension of chrome. 

Step 2: Hover Over The Reddit App On The System

You can launch the Reddit app and later register or login into the Reddit app.

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Step 3: Tap On The Extension Button

Tap on the extension button that will show you the URL or link with the cache button.

The page will be cached after this.

Click on the Extension button later.

You can click on the extension button later to recover the saved page.

It provides you with one feature to preserve or store each type of comment.

It allows you to save all types of comments even when they are deleted later.

Remember one thing; it doesn’t recover an already deleted comment.

But then also, it is considered to be a powerful tool if you want to cache every important topic.

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These were some of the efficient methods that you can use to see deleted Reddit comments.

You can either use the Wayback machine, Un-delete Reddit, or other platforms to get your deleted comments back.

However, make sure you follow all the steps in the same way, to avoid any issues and get proper results.

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