How To See Deleted Reddit Posts?

see deleted reddit posts

If you use Reddit in your free time, then you must have seen that several times when you see someone’s post or messages,

Then they get deleted, and you are unable to read them, or it might be the case of inaccessibility.

Yes, it might be the decision of the user of Reddit, and there can be several reasons for the user to delete their post, or it might be that their post carries no value.

That is why they deleted it, but there are some methods by which you can see the deleted posts on Reddit. 

How To See Deleted Reddit Post?

you can see deleted Reddit post by below mentioned way:

  • Recover Through Google Cache
  • Recover Through The Wayback Machine
  • Restore Through Removeddit
  • Recover Through Reveddit

Method 1: Recover Through Google Cache

It is one of the methods that is productive but can be used only when the post has been deleted recently.

If you want to restore the deleted post or want to see them, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Explore Posts

Explore posts on Reddit through

Step 2: Click On The Downward-Facing Arrow

As you receive search results, you need to click on the downward-facing arrow that is present under the past name.

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Step 3: Tap On The Cached Button

You can tap on the cached button from the cascading list.

After that, you can see the deleted post.

Method 2: Recover Through The Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine provides services worldwide and is used to find deleted posts on Reddit. You can use the Wayback machine by following the ways provided below.

Step 1: Move To Archive.Org

You can open the Wayback machine page, and this can be done by visiting

Step 2: Insert The URL Of The Reddit Post

You can insert the URL for any specific credit post for the subreddit post.

Step 3: Tap On The Browse History Button

Click on the browser history button for the history of the post.

If you want to see a particular post at any time, then you can use the calendar and browse through it.

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Method 3: Restore Through Removeddit

We can restore the deleted Reddit post through Removeddit. If we talk about Removeddit, then its main target is to store the Reddit post on their website at the time. It is also one of the easiest ways to see the deleted posts. 

Removeddit can be used in the following ways: 

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1. Through The Website

If you’re not able to search or explore that post and you want to see it, then you should visit the website and move to the bottom to find that particular post.

2. Through Altering URL

One of the convenient methods to use is to alter the URL of with

3. With Bookmarklet

The red button present on the about page of the website that you will explore while visiting the website of removeddit is what we call a bookmarklet.

This is considered to be one of the shortcut ways to visit the website through which you can see the deleted post message. Then you can tap on the bookmark.

This will take you to removeddit, and you can later see the page.

Method 4: Recover Through Reveddit

People prefer to use reveddit more than the other process because it is considered to be one of the convenient and easiest methods.

1. Visit Website

The first thing that you need to do is to visit, and then you can explore the deleted post by someone in the popup or notification window.

And you need to write a Reddit username and explore.

2. With Browser Extension

Open your Chrome and then go to the page of the website and explore for reveddit real-time on that page. While you download the extension,

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You will receive a popup and notification about the deleted post on Reddit.

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If you want to read or see deleted Reddit posts, then you can see them via Reveddit , removeddit, google cache, or through the Wayback Machine.

One of the easiest ways among them is to recover through google cache, and you can easily see the deleted post. You need to follow the steps carefully.

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