How To See Deleted Reddit Videos Or Images?

see deleted reddit video images

Millions of people use Reddit to interact with people and, most importantly, to clear their doubts.

As Reddit has become an interesting social media platform, many people

Post things which are inappropriate at times.

It breaches the content policy of Reddit, or the post may be factual and therefore will be deleted by Reddit Moderator or Subreditor. 

If you are interested in retrieving the deleted images or videos to check out what it is, or you want to know more about the deleted post,

You can do this by following a few methods. 

In this post, we will cover six methods that can be used to view the deleted images and videos on Reddit.

How To See Deleted Reddit Videos Or Images?

To See Deleted Reddit Videos or Images, use below one of the mentioned method:

  • Use Removeddit
  • You Can View Deleted Pictures/Videos By Reveddit
  • You Can Use Google Cache To Retrieve The Images/Videos
  • Use Chrome Extension Un-Delete
  • Use Wayback Machine 
  • Using A Third-Party Website 

Method 1: Use Removeddit

Step 1: Copy The Removeddit URL

Open the from your web browser and copy the URL.

Step 2: Replace The Reddit URL With Removeddit’s URL

Now, you need to use the “removeddit’s URL” in place of

This is the link 

For instance, if you want to access a single specific post, you can use”write the name of the post” after the last slash.

Method 2: You Can View Deleted Pictures/Videos By Reveddit

Step 1: Type Reveddit On Your Web Browser 

Open your mobile phone or PC(Mac or Windows) and choose your desired web browser and type in the search bar “Reveddit” you will be taken to the official website of Reveddit.

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Step 2: Fill In The Name Of The User

Next, in the reveddit page, in the search bar, type in the name of the user(not their actual name but their Reddit username) 

After that, you will see all the posts, including the deleted ones uploaded by that individual. 

You can also use reveddit by following another way that is 

Step 1: Open A Browser 

You can launch any web browser from your home screen and enter ” Reveddit Real Time.” 

Step 2: Install The Adds 

From your chrome or safari web browser, install the ads, and you will receive a notification of all the posts that have been deleted by Reddit. 

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Method 3: You Can Use Google Cache To Retrieve The Images/Videos

Step 1: Visit

Firstly, from your web browser, type in ““, or you can open your Google if you are using a mobile phone.  

Step 2: Check Out The Post 

Secondly, you need to type on the search bar the post you want to retrieve.

Adjacent to the name, you will see a drop-down arrow.

Click on it 

Step 3: Select Cache 

Thirdly, when you click on the drop-down arrow, you will see a list of options.

Select the option “cached”.

Google may take you to the post you are looking for.

Make sure it was a recent post which has been deleted.

Then only you can go for this method.

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Otherwise, if it has been more than two hours, then you will not get the image or video on google cache. 

Method 4: Use Chrome Extension Un-Delete

Step 1: Download Un-Delete 

Go to chrome, and from the search bar, enter “Un-Delete” and download the extension on your Windows PC or MacBook. 

Step 2: Click On Cache With URL 

After you have downloaded the extension, below the URL, you will see the cache option.

Click on it. 

Step. 3:  Recover The Post 

Once you have clicked on the cache option, you will be able to access the cached version of the Reddit page.

Select the “cached” option again to save the page. 

This method won’t allow you to retrieve the deleted post.

You can only save it for future use. 

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Method 5: Use Wayback Machine 

Step 1: Visit Wayback Machine 

From your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), type “Wayback Machine”, and then you have to click on the first option(the official website).

Step 2: Paste The Reddit Post 

Once you have entered into the official website, you will have the option Reddit archived post, click on it and paste the Reddit post’s URL(copy the URL from Reddit,

Then paste it on Wayback Machine). 

Step 3: Select A Date

Next, you will see a calendar option.

Pick a month or year to check the deleted image or video.

You can also select the date by tapping on the interface “deleted – days ago”.

Choose the day on which the post was deleted. 

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Method 6: Using A Third-Party Website 

Step 1: Open The Third Party Website 

Go to your browser and open “ “, and the page will be loaded with all the Reddit posts that you can longer see on Reddit. 

Step 2: Click On The Deleted Post

As you scroll down, you will also be able to see the posts which are deleted by the Reddit moderator or subreditor (in red colour).

Click on the post which you want to view.

The site may be slow as they are accessing Reddit’s API.

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There are several reasons why a post containing a picture or video gets deleted.

It can be either the person who has posted it deleted by himself or herself, or the Reddit moderator found it appropriate and deleted it. 

You can follow the above six methods to view the deleted images and videos on Reddit.

The third-party site is most commonly used to view the deleted comments, and sometimes it can also be used to check out images/videos. 

There is not a hundred per cent surety that you will get the deleted pictures/videos, as the internet security has become tighter and stricter over

The years when it comes to viewing/retrieving improper posts from any social media platforms.

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