What Is A Follow Train?

follow train

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media and don’t want any fake or fabricated followers, you are at the right place and time.

This blog will guide you regarding a method known as ‘Follow the train,’ which will enable you to gain genuine, authentic, and actual followers.

What Is A Follow Train?

Follow train is simply a group of people following each other on social media platforms. It is a method used by most people on Instagram or any other social media application to gain authentic and genuine followers. 

It revolves around the idea that every person follows each other, intending to grow mutual followers in a group. Follow train is organized in groups, threads, communities, or even in the comment section. 

It actually originated from Instagram and has been used ever since then by people on various social media platforms. Thus, the whole point is to enable you to gain social media followers easily and instantly.

How Does Follow Train Work?

Step 1: Share The Link Of Your Social Media Handle

You need to share the link to your social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, etc., in the group or community or to any person to make it easier for people to find and follow you. 

Step 2: Add Description Regarding Your Content

While sharing the link, add details about you and the type of content you create. This is not a necessary step,

but doing this gives the group members instant insight into you, increasing the chances of gaining followers.

Step 3: Follow Others That Interest You

If you want to gain followers, then you have to initiate it by following people first. If you don’t do so, it may be possible that they won’t follow you back.

And this is the reason why most people don’t gain followers, as they bring ego in between.

Step 4: Inform The Person About Follow Train

Message the person you followed and tell them from where you got their ID and that you want to initiate a follow train. 

Benefits Of Follow Train

Follow train was initiated for the benefit and support of people, and in that sense, it has got a lot of benefits which are: 

  • It enables you to have a quick and easy way to gain followers on your social media handle. If you join a follow for follow group, all you need to do is share your Id with the people, and you will gain followers effortlessly, or you can directly send a message to any person and ask them for a follow. It is for those people who want to gain followers by following others. 
  • Follow trains enable you to gain access to new content that interests you and lets you follow new people you want to know about.
  • Exploring and following new people increases your engagement rate and boosts your social media profile. 
  • It gives you the advantage of following people who share your same interests and enables you to reach a target audience. 

Disadvantages Of Follow Train

Everything comes with its pros and cons, and so does Follow train. Some disadvantages of Follow train are as follows:

  • It is time-consuming because if you want to increase your social media followers in bulk, it may take a lot of time to do it through the Follow Train method as you have to message everyone regarding a follow back.
  • Many social media apps like Instagram set an action block; if you instantly message people one after the other. So, you need to have at least five minutes difference between messaging two people. This will hamper your growth.
  • It may make your feed overcrowded and unorganized because you follow many people now, and many people mean more posts. Therefore, it may make you miss the posts of essential people.

Follow Train Rules

  • You should make sure that you follow back those who follow you and those who have sent you a message regarding the same.
  • Always try to initiate following people and don’t let ego come in between.
  • Don’t unfollow people after they follow you. This is known as the follow-unfollow strategy, which ultimately leads to you losing many followers.
  • Make it a habit to write short descriptions about your content while sharing your Id so that people follow you by knowing about your interests and field.
  • Engage in your followers’ posts by liking and commenting on their posts, as it is purely a give and take method.
  • Use effective hashtags that will help you attract more people to Follow train method.

Follow Train Instagram


It is believed that Follow Train method originated from Instagram. It is still being used by many people on Instagram who want to gain followers.

The most popular and well-known Follow Train for Instagram is https://www.reddit.com/r/Instagram/.

This community or group has a ‘Follow Friday’ that lets people follow and meet new people on Fridays by sharing their Instagram Ids. 

Follow Train Hashtags For Instagram 

Many people on Instagram use many Follow train hashtags to grow their profiles and gain followers. Some of the famous hashtags are:









#like4follow, etc.

Follow Train Twitter

Like Instagram, Twitter also witnesses a prominent use of Follow trains. The people who hosts these Follow Train communities is by creating threads where people follow each other.

You can simply comment below the thread that you will also participate by following back people, and you will instantly see your Twitter handle getting flooded with followers.

Follow Train Twitch

A community or group of streamers made on twitch aims to support small twitch streamers to gain followers and viewers.

For example, http://www.followtrain.tv/ is a website created for the same purpose. By clicking on ‘connect,’ you can check out and follow the streamers that you want.

And thus, it puts more emphasis on gaining views through followers. 

Follow Train TikTok 


TikTok also sees an immense use of Follow trains by TikTokers to expand the reach of their content by gaining more followers and ultimately improving their engagement rate.

Using relevant hashtags enables you to attract more followers through Follow train method, which will, as a result, help you in engaging more with your followers and thus boost your TikTok account. 


 Follow train is now being used to gain followers, likes, comments, views, etc., on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and every other social media.

This method is user-efficient, durable, and gives good results, and that is why it has been used widely. Moreover, it lets a person widen and expand his reach by meeting new people who share interests.