How To Promote NFT On Discord?

how to promote NFT on discord

Looking for ways to Promote your NFT digital artworks? And you are thinking about using Discord as your marketing platform.

 You are in the right place if you are looking to promote your NFT on Discord. Using Discord Server allows you to reach a larger crowd, and you can easily sell your artworks by creatively expressing yourself and your digital artworks.  

 If you don’t know how to go about on Discord to promote your NFTs, we got you. This post contains six crucial steps that will guide you on how to promote your NFT on Discord. 

How To Promote NFT On Discord  

Step 1: Create A Discord Server 

In order to promote your digital NFT artworks, you must first create your Discord server. Download and install the Discord software from the App Store (for Apple users) and Play Store (for Android users), or simply visit this link to download Discord 

Enter the required details on the login page. If you are new to Discord, fill in the details in the sign-up field.

After you have logged in, look for the “Add” button on the given page to create your NFT community. Click on the Add button at the top right.  

Step 2: Invite Or Appeal To Other Users On Discord

Without having users on your Discord Server, you will not be able to publish and promote your NFTs.  

You can invite people from other social media sites or the people who are already on Discord to join your Server simply by sharing your Community Server link with your friends or sending in group DMs. 

You can also make your Server Private, restricting it to a few people or Public, allowing a wide mass to join your Server. Thereby increasing your audience to promote your NFTs. 

Step 3: Promote Your NFT Server 

You don’t have to worry here. After you have made your server public, make sure the Server is abiding by all the Discord server rules. Also, make it a lively, active server with talks and discussions, encouraging people to talk about their projects (if they are artists) and discuss with influencers and creators.  

Invite people using the “Invite Tracker” and “Invite Follower” option that appears next to the general tab. 

You can even enable “XP grinding” on your Discord to incentivise people for a white list spot.

You can set the maximum or minimum limit for the message that one person can send.  

The more the person talks, he or she will get a white list spot. 

Step 4: Check Out Other Community Servers 

One of the best ways to promote your NFT artwork is by joining NFT community servers. 

All you need to do is go to influencers and collector’s official website or any other social media platform account and click on the given invite link. You can even type out the name of the community’s name on the search tab. 

Express yourself and your creative ideas in the public community. There are hundreds of members and your one brave, and good talk can hit the arrow to the prospective influencers or creators.  

Here’s a list of the top 10 community servers you can join that can help you to promote your NFTs on Discord:- 

  • VeeFriends.
  • OpenSea.
  • Crypto Baristas.
  • Crypto Dads.
  • NFT Community.
  • Enter. 
  • Nouns.
  • Foxxies. 
  • Meta Generation. 
  • Art Stars Club NFT. 

Step 5: Sort Out Community Channels  

Community Channels are built-in within a particular Discord Server. These channels enable the message to be shared outside the Server.  

It’s one of the features that Discord provides to make community servers a creative platform for users to express their works by voice and text messages. You can even share pictures with other members.  

To enable Community Channels on your Server, you need to be the Administrator of a Server because creating and organising channels is a right given to the administrator.  

There are three ways you can create a channel for your Discord Community Server. The simplest way is – Open the Server and click on the drop-down arrow beside the name of the Server and scroll down to Create Channel. You can click on the “+” tab to make a new channel. 

Step 6: Make Your Server Lively 

If you have a community server on Discord, it will be of very less value if you don’t talk and if the members don’t interact. How would marketing exist in a cold community server?  

You can add more members by sharing the link of your Server on your other social media platforms (like Instagram, Twitter and even Reddit). 

Ask for suggestions and ask a question every week on your Discord Server that induces people. And most importantly, “talk to your members”.  

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Discord is one of the vital platforms to promote your digital artwork. If you are new to Discord, all you need to do is create a server of your own by following the above steps. And Invite people who can make your community server lively and active. 

As a result, you will be able to promote your NFTs and sell them at a good price to an influencer/creator. Do not forget to join other top-notch NFT community servers, and this will help you to get ideas and meet more enthusiastic people who may be interested in your artwork. 

 If you are facing issues with your account or other interfaces and you cannot figure it out, you can always contact the Discord help centre. Here is the link’s address