How To Promote NFT On Twitter?

how to promote NFT on twitter

Twitter is one of the top-notch social media platforms. You may have already made an account on Instagram and joined a Discord Server for your NFT promotion.

However, without using Twitter as a marketing tool for your NFT,  your promotion is incomplete. 

Twitter Pages, Twitter Communities, the Twitter Spaces, and many more other features allow people to reach a wide mass and let them talk and discuss their latest NFT project and their artworks.

We have come up with some ways to promote your NFTs on Twitter to reach more and correct audiences.

How To Promote NFT On Twitter 

Promoting your NFTs on social media platforms is a great way to get an audience and buyers for your digital art. However, you must also know that it does take time.

Therefore, we have come up with some tips to help you escalate the process.

1. Network More

Networking is not just going through other tweets or visiting pages. In this era, you need to build relationships and connect to people with the same interest and who can help you in your growth.

Therefore, the very first step to it must be networking with people who share the same interests as you and who will be interested in your artwork.

2. Engage Yourself With Twitter Spaces

Twitter spaces is a forum where live discussions take place, where you will get to listen and take part in the live audio session. You can even control who can talk and when(if you are the moderator/host). 

Twitter spaces are a great place where you can get your doubts clear by asking the person who has held the live audio discussion or other members in the audio chat. 

You can learn certain things that are not tweeted but are spoken out via the voice discussion. These audio sessions are raw and not edited. 

Note: If you have an iPhone(you can join, create and listen) to the audio chats. However, on Android phones, there is no such facility for all three. You can only join.

Moreover, not only can you join with other people, but you can also create a Twitter space of your own. 

3. Post Only Valuable Things 

You can not just keep on posting; you need to post things that add value to your NFTs or your page, so you are able to attract the prospective collector/influencer and the creators. Posting only the valuable things also increases the credibility of your NFTs and your account.

4. Express Your Opinions

You need to speak out and talk about your ideas and thoughts. You can certainly not make an impression on each and every individual, but you can always catch the attention of the people who are working in the same field and have the same ideas and opinions. 

5. Join A Community 

Engage yourself with group discussions and talks. They are like a brainstorming spot and idea generation hub which comprise several prominent influencers and collectors. You can not miss this step if you want to promote your NFTs. 

To join a community, you need to be ” invited” by the host or any of the members included in the community. Sol, reach out to your desired community and ask them to add you to it. 

6. Focus More On Perspective Audience

If you have joined Twitter communities or made your own community and have also engaged yourself from time to time attending audio chats(Twitter Space), listen to what people have to say. 

Most importantly, if you are following top NFT influencers, do not miss out on any of the information they are giving, be it in communities, twitter spaces, or on Twitter threads. 

7. Be Active

The collectors, creators, and influencers are looking for activities on your page. Activities such as your discussions, opinions(tweets), Twitter threads, and most importantly, the continuous pursuit and consistency. 

Avoid getting into severe arguments. This can spoil your image and hence, lower your digital artwork’s worth. 

8. Create Twitter Threads 

Twitter threads are a sequel to tweets given by a Twitter user. It is an interesting feature that allows Twitter users to add updates, add an extension to their tweets and extra information, or also make a story-like pattern in the narration of tweets, which gives a keen interest to the followers and prospective individuals for your NFTs. 

You can visit Matty’s page given above, where you will see his tweets are in the form of Twitter threads. 

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You can not skip Twitter as a marketing platform for promoting your Non-fungible tokens (NFT).

An essential thing you can not avoid is building relationships and creating connections(networking). Explore every tab and option on your Twitter handle account and analyze and promote your NFTs. 

It might take you a couple of days or more to learn how to use Twitter for the promotion of your NFTs efficiently. When you follow the above steps, you will surely come through many things that will boost your promotion procedures and increase your sales.