Is Roz Dhan App Safe?

Is Roz Dhan App Safe

Earning money after a hard day at work makes us happy. But earning a little extra money with not so hard work makes us even happier. This desire of millennials to earn some extra cash has opened a new form of business in the market. 

Nowadays, numerous platforms offer to give you a decent amount of money after completing fun and easy tasks. You can feel the effect of aggressive marketing of such platforms almost everywhere. You open up your social media handle, you travel on the road, you watch tv, and there you find one of these. 

One such platform is the Roz Dhan App.

The Roz Dhan App

Roz Dhan App, is an android based app that offers to give you 200rs-500rs per day by doing various easy and fun tasks available on the app. But does this app really deliver what it offers? Let’s find out.

Is Roz Dhan App Safe?

It should be safe as more than 2 crores people are actively using this platform and availing the benefits of their features. 

Some of their features are:

  • They offer INR 50 for free on joining the app for the first time. 
  • Withdrawal is applicable every 2 days after becoming eligible for the cash tasks. You can cash your winnings in your payment wallet account. 
  • It offers refer and earn opportunities. 
  • All-in-one platform, this platform holds a category of games and News to keep entertaining its users. 

Since, it doesn’t charge anything to start with. You must give it a try and see if it works well for you. Undoubtedly, the app is a platform for entertainment and earning. 

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How Does Roz Dhan App Work? 

First, let us understand the mechanism in which the application works. 

  • Download and sign up for the application  
  • Refer to your friends
  • Check-in regularly
  • Play games and earn coins
  • Watch videos and read the content on the app
  • Open and read Push Notifications
  • Share the content on the application

How To Earn Money From Roz Dhan App?

Each of the tasks that you will perform on the app will allow you to earn some coins. The more tasks get completed, the more coins you earn. Each 250 coins makes 1Rs and so on. Thus 50000 coins let you earn 200 Rs. The amount that you earn on the app can be redeemed into your paytm account (Min. 200 Rs). 

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Roz Dhan App Reality Check

Now that we have understood how the app works let us understand if the application is worth it or not:

  • The app’s algorithm makes it very difficult for you to earn money by watching videos and reading articles from it. You have to watch numerous videos just to earn one coin. And remind you that 250 coins make up for 1rs. Thus, it takes a huge amount of time to earn money through this method.
  • The same story goes for playing games and checking in the app and reading push notifications.
  • The option to earn money through referrals is only for social media influencers who have decent traffic on their social media handles or websites. Only then you can earn some money by referring. Other than that, if you are a regular person with a bunch of friends, it’s not going to work for you for a long time. After you are out of friends with whom you can share the referral link, this feature is of no use to you.
  • The share and earn option is as useless as the refer and invite option if you are thinking of earning money.
  • One important thing to understand here is that you are sharing your account details on the app even when you now understand that you are not going to earn that amount of money as you expected. Thus sharing such crucial details on these newbie apps is not a good idea for a long term plan.

Final Verdict

Now that we have established that you are not going to get rich by using this app, here comes an important question. Should you even download this app? 

Yes, Roz Than App is Safe. Although earning good money through this app is not something you should expect, this app still offers you some interesting videos to watch and articles to read. You can even play games on it. 

Thus, conclusively, you can surely use the application to gain some knowledge or spend some of your free time. But definitely, it is not the platform to be rich. 


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