Is Dhani App Safe?

Is Dhani App Safe

Have you ever used the Dhani app? Is it safe to take a loan from the Dhani app? What makes it safe? There may be several questions arising to your mind related to the Dhani app. 

So, this article will be a comprehensive guide about the Dhani app, whether it is safe, trusted, or not. But, before talking about its legitimacy or safety point of view. Let’s understand what exactly the Dhani app is.

What Is Dhani App?

Dhani app is an application that is known for its financial solution. It claims to provide instant loans with your smartphone, which can help to fulfill your financial needs. You can not only borrow a personal loan at your fingertips, but you can also book flights, bus, or railway tickets. It gives the facility to pay your utility bills too. So, there are lots of things in a single application.

What Makes Dhani App Safe?

Before concluding whether the Dhani app is safe or not, let’s know about its history and the company’s profile.

The Dhani was launched as a Dhani loan in September month of 2017 by Sameer Gehlot. Indiabulls is the parent company of the Dhani app. Indiabulls was founded by Sameer Gehlot as a fintech company. 

The company is a listed company as it is listed on both NSE (national stock exchange) and BSE (Bombay stock exchange)

From last year, the company has been giving almost double the profit to its shareholders. The share price was only 96 INR last year. However, the latest share price is 192 INR which denotes the high demand and growth of the company.

In 2004, the company was listed for its first IPO in the market and initiated its financial services.

Talking about the company’s business, its business model depends upon two important factors: health and wealth.

The application has more than one crore sixty lac customers and more than 11 lac subscribers.

While talking about the company’s strengths. It has more than ten thousand headcounts in the company. The application has more than fifty million downloads. And the average rating is four out of five.

The company initiated its Dhani e-pharmacy, One freedom, and Dhani private patients scheme in 2020.

Let’s have a look at some points which makes Dhani App Safe:

  1. It has a good brand value and reputation in the market. 
  2. It is one of the top among all fintech companies.
  3. Dhani company is best known for providing instant personal loan solutions.
  4. This application also provides the doctor’s consultation within 10 seconds only, making it fast and relevant.
  5. The application has a very easy and user-friendly layout which makes it easier to use.

Final Thoughts

Yes Dhani App Safe. Since Dhani company is a listed company with a good profile, it has many pros, making it legit, trusted, and safe. However, it has some cons that you should keep in your mind too.

The company provides less information about its EMI, which shows a lack of transparency in terms of EMI. There are fraudulent cases that have also been reported on the name of Dhani App. So, it would be best if you were very careful.


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