How To Remove Credit Card From CRED?

how to remove credit card from cred

Credit card bill payment platform CRED rewards members for paying their credit card bills on time. CRED App has made the lives of credit card users easier by revealing hidden charges and sending timely reminders.

CRED delivers an unparalleled user experience thanks to its intuitive user interface. However, you may find it challenging to navigate the app when deleting your credit card.

How To Remove Credit Card From CRED?

CRED does not have an option to delete a credit card within the application. The only way to delete your credit card is to archive it. By doing so, CRED will permanently delete your credit card information and retain all the transactions it has processed for compliance reasons on its servers. To archive, your credit card, open the CRED app on your device and follow the instructions below.

Steps to Archive Credit Card from CRED:

  • Open the CRED App.
  • On the top left corner, click the button to open your profile.
  • Hold your credit card and swipe it right.
  • When the pop-up window appears, select Archive card and click on Archive card.

As soon as you archive your card on CRED, it will no longer be accessible on the platform. The application will also not show you the card’s transactions.

Reasons For Removing Cards From CRED

The majority of people believe that when they delete an app from their smartphone, all the data collected about them is deleted. Deleting an app-only eliminates it from our phones, but the account created on the app stays active.

It means that even though your smartphone is not physically visible to the app. The developers have access to your personal information. It is essential to delete your account from any app before deleting it from your device.

CRED app contains sensitive information about Credit cards. So before uninstalling the CRED app from your mobile it is essential to delete your Credit Card from the CRED app.


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Final Thoughts

The CRED App complies with NPCI guidelines. The Reserve Bank of India authorizes NPCI as a payment system operator. However, CRED is a safe and helpful app. Deleting credit cards is like losing customers for CRED. Be sure you are familiar with all the information and benefits of the CRED App before using it.

Frequently Asked Question

Is The CRED App Trustworthy?

CRED App is Safe and Trustworthy to use. It never saves your cards details like cvv, OTP, password or card number etc. It is an excellent application for paying your credit card bills.

Is CRED A Secure Method Of Payment?

As a verified third-party application provider by the NCPI, CRED uses 256-bit encryption technology to store credit card information. Additionally, axis bank has partnered with the app to allow UPI payments to be processed. So CRED ticks several boxes in terms of safety.

How Does CRED Make Money?

Companies that wish to advertise products and offers on CRED’s app pay CRED a listing fee. In addition, financial institutions will be able to pitch additional relevant offers based on the financial data collected from users.