What Is Cred App?

what is cred app

CRED is an app that automates payments and integrates your credit cards to make them hassle-free and automated. There are a lot of mobile apps that reward their users when they use the app, like PhonePay, Paytm, and others.

CRED App is one of the latest apps to enter the digital payments marketplace. Several people have searched on Google for information about the CRED App and are pretty familiar with it.

What Is Cred App?

CRED is an online payment app that’s connected to your credit cards. Credit card use will become more automated with the CRED App. CRED coins, which can be redeemed for cash or offers, are also rewarded for using the app. Nevertheless, not everyone can use CRED.

Users of CRED need a credit score of at least 750 to be accepted. Through your phone number connected to your bank account, the app will check your credit score. When you are not qualified for entry into the application, you are placed on a waitlist.

The CRED App can also be used to make payments via debit cards, UPI, or CRED Cash. CRED coins are awarded to users who make payments with their credit cards through the CRED App. In addition, CRED points can be used to get discounts on online shopping, booking tickets, making payments, etc.

The CRED App makes it easier to use credit cards. Using the app, you can keep track of all your credit card transactions and spending patterns. Additionally, it alerts users to any unexpected fees or charges added to their credit cards. CRED also alerts users whenever they are due a payment. 

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Benefits Of Using CRED App

  • Payments and bills for credit cards can be paid online.
  • The ‘Kill the bill’ feature enables you to earn cashback when resettling your bills.
  • Multiple credit cards can be managed very easily.
  • The app allows you to see all charges for a particular card.
  • The bill can be paid by debit card, net banking, or UPI through CRED App.
  • All of the notifications about payment can be seen in the CRED App.
  • Paying a bill with the CRED App rewards you with points or cashback.
  • Using the CRED App, you can view your Credit Card Reports and Credit Card Scores.
  • Both Apple and Android platforms are compatible with CRED App.

How Does The CRED App Work?

The following steps describe how the CRED app works:

  1. To begin with, download the CRED App from Google Play Store.
  2. Once the CRED App has been installed, enter your mobile number linked to your bank account.
  3. Upon approval, the performance is registered by entering the mobile OTP when the credit card score is excellent.
  4. Input your Gmail ID and bank account name.
  5. Enter your credit card information now to verify. CRED App can be used easily now. 

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Final Thoughts

CRED is a brilliant app that shows all the details about your Credit Cards, such as the Balance, Charges, Billing details, and Payment dates. However, everyone can’t use CRED App, only those with credit scores of 750 and above can use it. Therefore, if your credit score is good, you must use CRED App.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The RBI Approve The CRED App?

CRED App complies with the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) guidelines. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) authorizes NPCI as a payment system operator.

How Does The CRED App Make Money?

Businesses that wish to list their products and offers on CRED’s app pay a listing fee. Furthermore, financial institutions can provide additional offers based on the economic data gathered from consumers. 

Is CRED Able To Read All My Emails?

CRED app only reads emails from banks and credit card companies, but it doesn’t open, read, or access personal emails. Additionally, the CRED app doesn’t access any other personal information you provide.

Is The CRED App Safe?

The NCPI verifies Cred as a third-party application provider, and Cred stores all your credit card information using 256-bit encryption. Safety features of Cred tick several boxes.

Do CRED Coins Expire?

Every time you pay your credit card bill, you will earn coins equivalent to your credit card bill amount. For example, if you spend a credit card bill of Rs 40,000, you will receive 40,000 coins. These coins will accumulate month after month, and they do not expire. Therefore, the coins can be redeemed as per your preference.