IPhone Calculator History

iphone calculator history

“iPhone calculator history” are the three words that are quite vague when it comes to their meaning and implications.

iOS devices did not store history or have an option of history in their built-in calculators until the past few years.

Wait that does not mean they have it now. Unlike some Android phones that have embedded this feature in their devices, you still cannot view the “complete history of your calculations”

In your iPhone calculator.

Let us take a brief look into knowing how you can see or check the calculator history on your iOS device.

iPhone Calculator History 

iPhone calculator history contains the details of the calculations you have recently done. Unfortunately, The iPhone does not store calculator history for a long period of time when compared to Android devices, which whenever you use it for calculations,

You are able to see your previous operations stored from a month back or more.

The history here refers to a number or a set of calculations you have performed within a short period of time. In simpler terms, whenever you open your calculator,

You would not be able to see the history(data) of your operations which you have done a week or month prior.

How To See Calculator History On IPhone

Step 1: Go To Calculator 

Firstly, if you have to carry out any calculations, you need to go to the calculator icon and tap on it.

Step 2: Do The Preferred Calculations 

Secondly, you have opened the calculator to do any calculation, so write up the numbers on which you have to do either simple math or other arithmetic operations.

Step 3: Press On The Last Digit 

Thirdly, when you have entered the digits, click on the last digit. For instance, you have typed 123+456. Next long press on the last digit, which is 6, and gently drags it down.

You will be able to see history(past calculations) in the form of attachments right above the numbers. 

You can even swipe down the list of numbers to see the previous calculations.

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How To Check Calculator History On An IPhone?

You might have done calculations for your math or carried out urgent calculations, and you have to see what you have done previously.

One thing that needs to be noted is the Do Not Look for a Delete option/button on your iPhone calculator. 

Here are more steps you can follow to see your previous estimates or calculations are as follows: 

Step 1: Launch Calculator From Your Home Screen 

To check the calculator history on your iPhone, you must open the calculator application, so look for the calculator from your home/main page and launch it.

Step 2: Carry Out The Calculations Or Estimations 

After following the first step, pick a pair of numerals or a set of them and perform any mathematical or trigonometric operation.

 Make sure that if you make a mistake in typing the numbers, do not click on the “AC” button, it will clear the entire set of numbers,

And there will be no history or past outcomes of your calculation anymore.

Step 3: Click On The Last Numeral 

Once you have followed the second step, press for an extended period of time (not that long, which aches your finger)on the last digit of your numbers.

You will be able to check your history and scroll down the list to see the previous operations you have performed.

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How To Delete Calculator History On IPhone?

To delete any history on your iPhone, you need to have some prior calculations done.

 As we have mentioned before, the history of all your calculations is not stored within your iPhone, as there is no such feature.

The operations you would be trying to delete now would be clearly your previous operations, which have been stored for a short while.

The two methods given below will clear your doubts regarding ‘deleting your calculator history’. 

Method 1: You Need To Click On The AC Button

When you do any calculation with numerals, and you click on the AC option present on the very left side of the calculator keypad, the entire calculations will be removed.

In other words, it would be deleted. 

For instance, when you have calculated 123 + 4567 = 4690 – 567 = 4122, and you have tapped on AC, you would get the result as 0 on the bar above the vector operations(+,-,*, /). If you try to

View the history by following the steps mentioned earlier, you will not be able to see any history. 

Method 2: Swipe Left Or Right 

This step is only applicable to remove the last digit, which means if you have written 123, and you want to remove 1, you can simply swipe to the left to “delete or remove”

The first digit from the left. Then swipe to the right if you want to remove the digit 3 present on the right side.

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By now, you must be well aware that Apple lacks this point of having enhanced features in its calculator.

You can buy or download other apps that are solely developed for iOS devices for your calculations if you are a regular user of a calculator.

Apple will surely come up with a new and improved calculator meant for iPhones and other iOS devices.

Until then, you still have a couple of things to explore in your calculator when it comes to hidden features,

Such as when you keep your phone in landscape mode, your simple calculator turns into a scientific calculator.